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Studying consumer behavior is one of the steps in marketing research and analysis.

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However, many people tend to forget how servitude is one of the main life highways to travel in order to arrive at that successful destination called “Leadership.” Nevertheless, there was one man who knew how powerful the concept of servitude was in order to grasp the reigns of successful leadership.

This necessitates unraveling and understanding the online buying behavior.

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“The buying behavior of final consumers, individual and households who buy goods and services for personal”.Groupon consumers mainly responses to: - Brand selection: the advertisements, messages and discounts offered consumers to try something new with low...

Many brands are trying to utilize social media to influence the consumer buying process and stir emotions that affect buying behavior.

Comparison of the freshly collected surveyed data with the present existing consumer behavior theory resulted in number of issues related to a specific consumer group....

One major environmental impact that influences the development of a child is the neighborhood they are raised in.

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Lafarge has a daily routine that incorporates on teamwork. This teamwork has several characteristics, which are exchange of ideas, atmosphere of trust, and progress. To Lafarge it is essential its employees share experiences and best practices, while learning from their peers (Lafarge 2012). Lafarge also finds that it is essential that managers care for the development of employees. This is through the creation of an environment in which regular and honest discussions occur. Analyzing teamwork is necessary given that it increases organizational commitment, and fosters improved organizational behavior. Teamwork increases organizational efficiency and effectiveness (Chen 2010; Edward et al. 2006). Lafarge uses different types of teams to meet its business strategy. These are problem-solving teams, managed-work, self-directed, and cross-functional teams.

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The analysis will review the organizational culture and its impact of the social system, especially Lafarge’s relationship with employees and local communities. The study shows that Lafarge’s organizational culture influences communication, relations, leadership, and team dynamics. These affect how Lafarge’s employees perceive their work, communities, and stakeholders. This is in the ability of organizational culture to influence Lafarge’s employee motivation, community satisfaction, company performance, and stakeholder growth and development. Lafarge’s teamwork has several characteristics, which are exchange of ideas, atmosphere of trust, and progress. The research will use the elements of motivation, creativity, values, and teamwork to analyze Lafarge.

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Lafarge can use teamwork to solve and manage some of the social problems identified in the case study. This is because teamwork is dependent on the external and internal characteristics of the organization (Chen 2010). These characteristics are in turn under the influence of the human resource’s behavior. Creating trustworthy, responsible, respectful, and anonymous teams create a positive image to the society (Lafarge 2012). These teams are useful to Lafarge for they will assist in the creation and application of the principles of corporate social responsibility. Teams will increase a strong social commitment to local and international communities, Lafarge deals with it (Edward et al. 2006). Teamwork increases morale for working and organizational commitment, which can assist the organization to launch HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns in Zambia. Teamwork encourages interaction in the organization especially between management, teams, interaction with clients and employees.

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Lafarge develops various partnerships and relationships as a way to commit to their stakeholder entailing consumers, employees, communities, and shareholders. One of the key stakeholders is the society or communities in which Lafarge branches. To motivate the community, Lafarge develops strong social commitments through a social, corporate responsibility. One of the key values of the company is to have its employees respect the communities they work. Part of these efforts is towards the respect of social rights as given by the International Labor Organization (ILO) (Lafarge 2012). Lafarge uses employee representatives to have dialogue with communities, raise the international social standards and develop constructive relationships with the society (Lafarge 2012). The company uses key commitments to create these relationships. These are like abolition of child labor in countries practicing the vice and the elimination of workplace discrimination. This also entails giving freedom of association, implementation of minimum wages, and rights to collective bargaining (Lafarge 2012). Corporate social responsibility affects and improves organizational behavior by affecting employees’ behaviors, attitudes, and emotions. The motivationl, relational, and instrumental needs mediate employees’ attitudes, emotions, and behaviors (Deborah 2006).