The meatless Christmas Eve menu was no less gala, with four courses.

Meat-consumption has actually quadrupled in the last 50 years alone (Motavalli).

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Care should be taken to make the cake and to keep the furit in a warm place, and,unless the weather is very warm, to whisk the eggs in a pan set in another containing hot water.

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Put the butter into a stewpan, ina warm place, and work it into a smooth cream with the hand, and mix it with the sugar and spice in a pan, (oron your paste board) for soimetine; then break in the eggs by detrees, and beat it at least twenty minutes; stir in the brandy, and thenthe flour, and work it a little; add the fruit, sweetmeats, and almonds, and mix all together lightly; have ready a hoop cased withpaper, on a baking-plate; put in the mixture, smooth it ont he top with our had, dipped inmilk; put the plat on another, with saw dust between, to prevent the bottom from coloringtoo much; bake it in a slow oven four hours or more, and when nearly cold, ice it with icing.

Every one of us should become a vegetarian because eating meat can cause serious health problems.

Thus, the subcontinent represented a heterogeneous society consisting of people from various backgrounds. India was also home to a number of materialists or atheists known as Carvakas and Lokayatas. Apart from the law books, which dictated the rules regarding the general conduct, each caste had its own rules, which the caste members were obliged to follow to be part of the community. Therefore, we should approach the subject of meat eating with caution, keeping the diversity of the people who lived in the past in the Indian subcontinent and worshipped various gods and goddesses.

Many people think that to get all essential nutrients, eating meat is necessary....

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In my opinion, I agree that vegetarian diet can significantly improve human health, but having controlled amount of good quality meat added to a vegetarian diet can also benefit human body.

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Whether it was to be humane to animals, maintain good health or for religious reasons, they all decided to forego meat and maintain a plant-based diet....

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It is often thought having a vegetarian diet is recommended to avoid major health issues that can be caused by eating meat. In my opinion, I agree that vegetarian diet can significantly improve human health. However, controlled amount of good quality meat can have a positive impact on human body.

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People tend to eat less fruits and vegetables which increase the risk of diseases and health problems, causing 1.7 million deaths a year.("Global Dietary Changes Threaten Health") America, one of the richer countries, has the worst eating diets....

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Traditionally, Fridays are days when we remember Jesus’ death on the Cross. While it’s not common in developed nations these days, in many countries Catholics avoid eating meat on EVERY Friday of the year – not just during Lent!
Start small with a meat-free lunch on Fridays as an offering to Jesus.
Not challenging enough for you? Go full vegetarian (after all, fish is just meat that swims!) on Wednesdays for our Lady and on Fridays in honour of Christ’s Passion and in solidarity with the poor.

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It is commonly believed that avoiding consuming meat and becoming full vegetarian will help us to avoid health issues caused by meat consumption. In my opinion, however, eating more red meat without control will definitely effect our health ,but having a balanced diet with lots of green veggies and meat can help us to maintain a healthy body.