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However, Wilfred Owen's poem

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The speaker says that if you could follow behind that wagon where the soldier's body was thrown, watching his eyes roll about in his head, see his face "like a devil's sick of sin", hear his voice gargling frothy blood at every bounce of the wagon, sounding as "obscene as cancer" and bitter as lingering sores on the tongue, then you, "my friend", would not say with such passion and conviction to children desirous of glory, "the old lie" of "Dulce et decorum est".

A poem that presents a negative view on society is Dulce et Decorum est.

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We often think of “Dulce et Decorum Est” being almost like a trench transcript. But when we look at the actual manuscript version, we realise that instead of a transcript it’s more like a palimpsest as you see Owen working and reworking.

Critical Analysis Dulce et decorum est is a well known battlefield poem written by Wilfred Owen.

In the first stanza of Dulce Et Decorum Est he describes the men and the condition they are in and through his language shows that the soldiers deplore the conditions.

"Dulcet et Decorum Est," is probably the most famous anti-war poem by Wilfred Owen.

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"Dulce et Decorum est" is without a doubt one of, if not the most, memorable and anthologized poems in Owen's oeuvre. Its vibrant imagery and searing tone make it an unforgettable excoriation of WWI, and it has found its way into both literature and history courses as a paragon of textual representation of the horrors of the battlefield. It was written in 1917 while Owen was at Craiglockhart, revised while he was at either Ripon or Scarborough in 1918, and published posthumously in 1920. One version was sent to Susan Owen, the poet's mother, with the inscription, "Here is a gas poem done yesterday (which is not private, but not final)." The poem paints a battlefield scene of soldiers trudging along only to be interrupted by poison gas. One soldier does not get his helmet on in time and is thrown on the back of the wagon where he coughs and sputters as he dies. The speaker bitterly and ironically refutes the message espoused by many that war is glorious and it is an honor to die for one's country.

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It is not good and proper or sweet and fitting to die for their country, it is a lie as he points out in the final 3 lines: "To children ardent for some desperate glory, the old Lie: Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria mori" He tries to teach those that in turn teach their young to fight, that dying for their country, their Queen isn't right, he shows how the eager children: "Desperate for some ardent glory" Are actually excited and fuelled by the dream...

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Thanks to the poem “Dulce et Decorum Est,” Wilfred Owen gives the reader a small window into the horrors that he witnessed firsthand in the carnage of battle.

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The two poems Dulce et decorum est and Anthem for Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen are both set during the First World War and Owen uses them to express his feelings and attitudes towards war.