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I guess this question around challenges in bringing a book to market might lead one to address the typical tests of combining mother-work with professional work: the late night Skype meetings, deadlines through parental death and elder care responsibilities, juggling of graduations and conference calls, and occasional efforts to tend to our primary relationships — those types of challenges? Yet in addition to that, publishing has its own set of challenges. In our case, Demeter Press, a fiercely vigilant press in defending the importance of maternal studies, lost some funding at the eleventh hour. However, Andrea O’Reilly, with the support of the Demeter team, a loyal readership and audience, and like-minded activists, ignited a campaign protesting this loss, and simultaneously procured an alternative form of funding which has allowed the press to survive. Yes – motherhood does matter!!

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Performing Motherhood was a true team effort with my co-editors Amber Kinser and Kryn Freehling-Burton, our terrific cohort of contributors, and the hard working Demeter Press family. My background is as a professional writer, director and actor; I am also the mother of teenage twins. Currently I am pursuing a PhD at York University, focusing on women working in the arts. Kryn, who teaches at Oregon State University, was in Toronto for a MIRCI () conference and heard me present a paper on mothers working in theatre. I wrote the essay in a “maternal theories” class taught by Demeter Press publisher, Dr. Andrea O’Reilly, and had used that opportunity to interview colleagues – actors who had become mothers – and question them about how becoming a mother had affected their work opportunities in the theatre. Kryn approached me about my work, and at a subsequent conference, aligned with East Tennessee State University professor Amber Kinser to pitch the idea of this book to Andrea. Andrea then asked us all to co-edit. An editing team was born!

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The essay entitled ›Demeter and the Commons of Being‹ is the foundation for a 21st-century philosophy. This book explores a past which has made our present lives possible and looks to a future which will not come to pass without our help. Using a speculative approach based on biological findings to interpret the myth of Demeter, this book traces the development of ancient cereal varieties that evolved from native Poaceae ‘as if by magic’. It shows that the creation of ancient cereal varieties was unknowingly aided by the habits of prehistoric hunter-gatherers. The seeds we see today are the result of many thousands of years of interaction between man and his environment. This process was not driven by the deliberate invention of something new but by a tradition that has stayed the same for millennia: the seasonal migration of hunter-gatherers and, more recently, the pattern of sowing and harvesting.

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