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Charles Darwin was the discoverer of the biological theory of evolution.

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Charles Darwin, a British naturalist has revolutionized biological and genetic studies with his new idea of "Natural Selection." His theory on evolution, which held that a species had emerged from preexisting or "basic" forms....

He was credited for developing the evolutionary theory by natural selection and also for discovering a species of frog while in South America.

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CHARLES DARWIN is known to the world for one book. “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life”, to give it its full, long-winded Victorian title, was published a century-and-a-half ago this year. In truth Darwin was a prolific author. Like a 19th-century David Attenborough, he churned out volume after bestselling volume on earthworms, coral reefs, emotion, orchids, barnacles, insectivorous plants and, of course, human origins.

Darwin has many followers of his theory of evolution but there are many people who are trying to disprove his theory.

Darwin would probably forgive the avalanche of books celebrating this anniversary and his 200th birthday, even if it leaves the modern reviewer reeling. There is an edited edition of his letters from his trip round the world on HMS Beagle, an effort to connect his life with that of Abraham Lincoln (who was born on the same day, February 12th 1809), an attempt (surely redundant for supporters and futile for opponents) to explain “Why Evolution is True”, and even a collection of essays on Alfred Russel Wallace, who came up with the idea of natural selection at the same time as Darwin, and bounced him into publishing before he was really ready. “On the Origin of Species”, too, has been republished, complete with a trendy cover by Damien Hirst, a trendy British artist. But in the search for a new angle to tempt the jaded public, the most successful offerings are those of Steve Jones, a geneticist, and Adrian Desmond and James Moore, two historians of science.

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