Is it someone who inspires us, or someone who you simply admire.

This person is someone they admire and hope to be like someday.

What about those amongst us who do not have that ability.

The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell is a story about learning and experience, how the hunter becomes the hunted and moralities tested and learning the hard way.

When I find a novel or story I adore, my whole life seems to revolve around that one story.

My mother is who I thank and admire most of all.

“While I was in the boat I captured a very beautiful Carib woman the said Lord Admiral gave to me, and with whom, having taken her into my cabin, she being naked according to their custom, I conceived desire to take pleasure. I wanted to put my desire into execution but she did not want it and treated me with her fingernails in such a manner that I wished I had never begun. But seeing that (to tell you the end of it all), I took a rope and thrashed her well, for which she raised such unheard of screams that you would not have believed your ears. Finally we came to an agreement in such manner that I can tell you that she seemed to have been brought up in a school of harlots.”

'Search for My Tongue' is a personal, emotional poem about language and identity.

I wrote out some wisdom from your article with the markers and papers taken from my children’s art supplies. Like mantras, I have scotch-taped them on the walls above my desk. I’m trying to make the most of myself. Thank you.

Andrew Marvell, a contemporary of Donne, who also wrote seduction poems.

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The psychologist Norman Triplett who was a keen cyclist, asked the question that is, “why do cyclists sometimes rode faster when they raced in groups or pairs than when they rode alone?” (Weinberg & Gould, 2011, p....

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Columbus literally thought that gold was the ticket to heaven. Columbus eventually fell out of favor with the Crown, and Francisco de Bobadilla and Nicolás de Ovando succeeded Columbus as the governor of Española in 1500 and 1501. The devastation of Española continued unabated, and Ovando was even more ruthless than Columbus. The mines were being worked furiously and natives were dying at an incredible rate. In 1503, the island's southeastern and southwestern regions had not been completely conquered. Presiding over the southwestern region, known as Xaraguá, was Anacaona, the highly respected widow of Caonabó, the cacique who received the gift of those shiny manacles.

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Most of the times, us the readers would think of him as an antisocial person because he abandoned his car, leave behind most of his possessions, donated money from his saving account to charity, change his name, and left his families to invite a new life for himself to explore the world of unknown.

The person that I admire the most is none other than my mother

Oh my goodness, I don’t know where to begin except to say thank you for articulating nearly every feeling I’ve had while being a mother and a writer simultaneously. I loved your phrase about life before children as a “drifting miasma of mood.” I can so relate to that. And the idea of listening to a podcast and going vegan. Ha! Close to my experiences as well.

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Dee…THANK YOU ! Thank you for saying what I was first muttering then bellowing throughout my reading of this article . With additional ” ARE you fucking kidding me?? “s thrown in . How in the jesus do you describe a guy that …seriously ? – …leaves his nasty draws lying ON THE FLOOR ? Behind a damn DOOR ?? – for the maid to pick up you understand , as perfect for you etc?? Plus all the other stuff. I don’t believe I have ever …and I am past the half century mark…seen a worse case of denial , self-hatred , enabling or Doormat Syndrome in an otherwise bright , articulate young woman . Has this girl no FRIENDS ? Who might mirror to her what is actually going on ? Her interesting disquisition on women/ artists , time , Motherhood and the like simply disappears under an avalanche of what on EARTH is this girl permitting which any sensible reader must be thinking .