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Thank you for showing me that love at first sight isn't just a fairy tale.

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Overall, the author uses this conversation to show that when a relationship first begins, the people involved may have misconceptions about their love, but this love will eventually die off or develop into something much mo...

This essay examines the challenges of love through various sociological perspectives.

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The Party attempts to remove love from marriages by taking away the pleasure of sex and the intimacy that married couples are normally able to have. The resulting marriages are very cold and often end in separation, which was encouraged by the Party "in cases where there were no children" (57). The first mention of Winston's wife is peculiar: "Winston was married -- had been married, at any rate: probably he still was married, so far as he knew his wife was not dead" (56). Winston seems to neither know nor care whether his wife is alive or dead. Consequently, he does not even know whether or not he is still married. The indifference towards his own marriage here is an indicator of the way that the Party has changed what marriage means. Winston's indifference towards his marriage is further displayed when the narrator tells us that, "[f]or days at a time he was capable of forgetting that he had ever been married" (57). In a society where love still exists in marriage, it would be hard to imagine someone forgetting that they had ever been married. The fact that Winston forgets his wife regularly displays how insignificant marriage became in Oceania after the Party separated love from it. Even while they were still living together, Winston and Katharine's marriage was not happy. Katharine believed that it was their duty to have sex to create a baby for the Party and so she embraced the act as a chore. She would refer to it as "making a baby" and "our duty to the Party" (58) while Winston came to have a "feeling of positive dread when the appointed day [to have sex] came around" (58). Neither member of the union enjoyed the act that joined them together and, consequently, they grew apart and eventually separated.

A man’s profession of love to a woman when at first sight, is considered as an infatuation.

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George Orwell presents us with an interesting portrayal of love in his novel . In the nation of Oceania that he writes about, the Party tries desperately to erase love for anything but Big Brother from the lives of its members. In many ways, it is successful in doing so. It causes Winston's marriage with his wife Katharine to be frigid and cold and to end in separation. Even occasional affairs that sneak by the Party's watchful eyes at first, like Winston and Julia's, are eventually stopped and the participants are forced to stop loving each other. Perhaps the strongest love that remains in Oceania is the warped love of tortured towards his torturer. This love is displayed by Winston towards O'Brien and remains strong throughout the novel even when O'Brien tortures Winston to near death. The novel leaves us with the knowledge that Winston finally loves Big Brother. This love is the only love sanctioned by the Party. The Party's attempts to destroy natural love throughout the novel are largely successful and result in the emergence of love that our society would see as unnatural.

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This shows the reader that even though they were from feuding families and were each others enemies love at first sight was in itself was a real enough force to make two people fall in love The first message in the play is where straight away Shakespeare makes his first reference to love "… A pair of star crossed lovers take their li...

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In the absence of normal love between men and women, a strange love between the tortured Winston and his torturer, O'Brien, develops. In the novel's first mention of O'Brien, we are told that Winston "felt deeply drawn to him" because "he had the appearance of being a person that you could talk to if somehow you could cheat the telescreen and get him alone" (13). Before they ever speak to each other, there is an attraction between the two. In fact, Winston has dreams in which O'Brien speaks to him. We are told that "[t]here was a link of understanding between them, more important than affection or partisanship" (25). Winston assumes this "link of understanding" to be friendship and continues to think about, and even dedicates his diary to, O'Brien, as an "an interminable letter which no one would ever read, but which was addressed to a particular person" (69). Even in a society where writing a diary has no consequences, dedicating it to someone shows a serious affection. In Oceania, where writing a diary could be punished by death, Winston's dedication of his diary to O'Brien shows a deep love. Winston continues his rebellious behavior when he travels to O'Brien's house in an attempt to join the Brotherhood. The mere act of visiting O'Brien's house is enough to get Winston arrested, but he goes through with it because his attraction to O'Brien is so strong that he feels he must be a friend. Later, after Winston has been arrested, O'Brien enters the cell and says that Winston had always known that O'Brien was on the Party's side. We are told, "Yes, he saw now, he had always known it" (197). Winston knew subconsciously all along that O'Brien was not on his side but was so attracted to him that he followed him anyway.