Native language gives homage to a foreigner's culture and home life.

As people of this great nation, we have grown up experiencing a variety of languages and cultures.

Native language gives homage to people’s culture and home life.

Hermann Esser, a major follower of Adolf Hitler, described the Jewish society in the opinion of the German people: “Weeds in the state, the community, the family, (Infesting) the blood of humanity everywhere.” (Bytwerk) Hitler described Jews to the public as a threat and a German enemy: “All people, every state, every nation must, should, and wants to defend itself if it does not want to be the victim of (a) bloody plague.” (Bytwerk) Extreme Nazi’s would make claims to other countries, warning them of the ill manner of Jews....

These varieties of languages and cultures founded, built, and fortified this nation.

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But even if I do not want to short change the media of money and power, I believe the role language plays needs more focused attention, and could reward such analysis and investigation in helping to understand how it is involved in societal change.

Thus what role does language play in social change and personal growth?

William Beeman described the six basic language functions in humans as follows: recognition, storage, physical generation, writing, discourse and expressive culture (lecture presentation, January 19, 2010).

The communication of cross-cultural couples is important for both scientific and societal reasons.

The Culture That Defines Germany

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) uses the acronym Limited English Proficient (LEP) and labels an English-Language Learner (ELL) as an individual who “is between the ages of 3 to 21 years, has enrolled or is preparing to enroll in elementary or secondary school, was not born in the United State or English is not the native language, comes from a background in which the English language has had a considerable impact on an individual’s English Language Proficiency, comes from an environment where English is not the individuals primary language and has had prior or previous difficulties in speaking, writing, reading, or understanding the English language...

The German culture also highly regards family as a social ..

The way almost everything can be turned into money and money can be converted into almost anything again, so language can absorb the world and then reissue it, or extend it back into social reality again.

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The concrete word and the spoken or written language need to be placed as the mediating agent between the thought emblem and the personal or social being and the process of abstraction or concretion involved.

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If language escapes a static and abstract logic and enters a dynamic, concrete, dialectical logic, then it becomes the demolition, reconstruction, and emergent source of all social institutions.

These symbols contain acceptable meanings by the society and culture

In his article, “In Plain English: Let’s Make It Official,” Charles Krauthammer reflects on contrasting viewpoints in our nation regarding this matter, and supports his idea that a comprehensive plan for ensuring the rights of languages should be passed by the legislative bodies....