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Professional and college football are by far the most popular and contains the biggest fan base.

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Pro Football With a growing number of people becoming interested in professional football along with college football, I thought I would explain some of the contrasts and comparisons’ between the two divisions.

College football has 117 teams in the division 1-A, which is the top division.

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The most prominent activity being sport, and football in particular. It was those men entering the church from the universities and public schools who were the driving force in forming the modern game of football. In the expanding areas of England, particularly in the north and the midlands but not suprisingly London many clubs that are today still in existence were formed. Aston Villa for example were originally linked to a chapel at Aston cross, Birmingham, whilst Birmingham City owe there origins to St Andrews Church, Bordesley, [the ground still today carries that name]. Many others including such footballing giants as Glasgow Rangers and Glasgow Celtic can trace their origins to a similar religious source. The church was thus a vital part in the development of the game. Alongside this movement, there were also individuals who sought to boost the morale of their workforce. These factory-owning industrialists saw the game as a means of disciplining their workforce. Teams like West Ham United for example can trace their beginnings to factories in there case the local Hammer works, a large engineering complex [the connection is present today, their nickname being the Hammers].

The college basketball and football games that everyone watches on TV is no longer just a game, it is a business.

If there was an underdog in this group, it was Griffin Karpeck. The Darien, Ill., resident did a fair bit of telling and not quite enough showing in his essay about working at McDonald’s and what he learned from his colleagues. A job at McDonald’s is an ordinary thing, and teenagers tend to not make it a goal, let alone build a college application around it. So perhaps that’s why Ms. Delahunty, who has read over 15,000 application essays during her career, had never seen one about working under the golden arches before.

If a football player is interested in becoming a professional football player, it’s essential to be on a college football team.

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But each year, plenty of high school seniors who are applying to college give it a go. Many skip the story of the sports team triumph or the grandparent’s death and write essays about weighty social issues like work, class and wealth, or lack thereof. Perhaps that’s what affects them most. Or maybe those are the subjects that they think will attract an admissions officer’s eye.

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In any case, for the second year, we put out a nationwide call for the best college application essays about these topics. With the help of , the dean of admissions and financial aid at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, and an accomplished and herself, we picked four to share here.

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Mr. Quinlan accepted Viviana Andazola Marquez, who lives in Thornton, Colo., into the class of 2018. Her short, matter-of-fact essay about the logistics of homelessness was the most powerful one we read.

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His campus tour as it is called is not a competition and he does not rank the schools, but in his article about Ohio State he voices his opinion that it is the top place to watch a football game.

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Clare Connaughton steeps readers in her financial struggles a bit in her essay, noting how hard her mother has worked cleaning houses to keep them in a middle-class neighborhood. But much of it is about the joy she eventually found in shopping at thrift stores with her mother near their home in Mineola, N.Y. “We woke up early and are now waiting on a long line behind Brooklyn hipsters,” she wrote. “ is now trendy and popular. My mom and I laugh about it all the time during dinner.”