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Most parents don't know about teenage drinking unless they catch their kids doing it.

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If your children are made subject to a child protection plan there should be a plan, that is the point, and that plan should offer whatever support you need to make the changes that would mean your children are safe, emotionally and physically. There might be things you have to do but there will be things the other professionals need to do as well. The first core group will be coming up soon after conference and you should have been given the date at conference. It is work looking for advocacy services in your area and asking if you can invite someone to attend with you. It would be rare for this to be refused. If you take all the issues in your post and the report at once, it is overwhelming, There are some things you won’t be able to change but putting in boundaries, building up life skills and independent livings skills, parenting a child with additional needs – they are challenging but they are all doable and there will be services/support groups. The SW will also be looking at your support network so that it isn’t all just your responsibility, because that builds safety, so have a think about who can help you with what – if anything.

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Please try not to worry – easy for me to say I know. But your child can only be removed from your care if there are really serious issues about your parenting that might cause your child significant harm. As you have insight into your illness and are trying to get help, the focus must be on helping and supporting you. I do hope your GP is sympathetic. Just be as open and honest as you can, don’t be afraid of asking for help. Have a look at the resources for Mental/Physical health on this site, there may be some organisations/people there who can give you some help.

I really hope you don’t mind me commenting on here. I am making a documentary for channel 4 that highlights the issues that you are discussing. We are making a film about parents that are trying to break the stigma that having a mental illness or a disability makes you a bad parents – parents that are trying to prove that with a bit of time, support and space that they can be amazing parents.