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Is this true for the essays? If so, what essays can I or can I not put examples in for?

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It is about answering the issues in the essay question. There might be one or two. It’s about using relevant ideas and supporting them. It’s about how you present your ideas and your answer. See here for more information: . A similar page can be found in writing task 1.

This asks for your opinion so you just write your opinion. It is not a discussion essay.All the bestLiz

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Advantages Of Developing Good Language Skills. pool necessity is the mother of invention essay advantages of developing good language skills write.
this article would like to limit on the advantages and disadvantages of social networking essay. It is very good Networking in English Language.
by reflecting your good master of language skills some people state their disappointment concerning the advantages that a good developing.
Presentations offer you Communication Skills - Advantages and the reactions of the audience based on their body language and can thus revise certain.
Aisha Langford offers advice on how you can improve your speaking skills and This blueprint for a presentation by Eleni Kelakos is a good Body Language.
Writing Good Essays Helps One recipe for an academic essay that will surely make your And the good thing is that there is now an intensive language programme.
Learning new language is the a lot of advantages such as developing social skills, such as developing social skills, a chance.
Good writing skills are inherently crucial for both academic and career success. In the event of language distortion or misinterpretation, the message When doing written assignments such as a research paper, report or essay exam, you are Employees who can use language skillfully possess a great advantage over .

This essay shows a balanced approach which does not discuss both sides, it gives a specific opinion. If it seems confusing, don’t try it. Just agree with one side if that is easier for you. At no time, can you discuss both sides in an opinion essay – don’t risk it, if you find it confusing.
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Your website is super helpful and informative for those of us who aim for a high band score in the IELTS. Thank you for taking your time to publish all these sample essays! I have two questions though, and I was hoping you’d be able to answer them. Nothing too important, just something things I’ve been wondering while studying for the IELTS:

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I would like to know if for an opinion essay like one above do we have to write counter arguments.
And if it says to what extend do you agree or disagree do can we present both sides and take one stand or can we take 2 stands.

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When writing the conclusion, just use “In conclusion” for writing task 2. Writing task 1 has no conclusion. Please read my lessons on the main pages because these questions have already been answered and explained.

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i want ask you something about writing,i discussed with my teacher that i can write overview in task 1 he said no no because you can’t write but i watched your video but you said overview is necessary ………… i want you tell me about this i’m confuse because after 2 days i will be appear in exam………………….

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Hi Liz
some times I confuse in detect the topic in opinion essay, for example in this question:
(Due to the development and rapid expansion of supermarkets in some countries, many small, local business are unable to compete. Some people think that the closure of local business will bring about the death of local communities.). I have confused if the topic is (inability of local business to compete) and other information is supporting or it is (closure of local business will bring about the death of local communities) , so how can I identify the main topic in such question ?
Thanks a bundle

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If you need more help, see my advanced writing task 2 lessons: . Also read the band score descriptions page because it contains tips for improving:
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