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But did policy agency workforces mirror this diversity of the communities they served.

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In order to recruit more women into policing, law enforcement agencies should attempt to overcome the idea that policing is a "male-oriented profession".

His argument is that discrimination of women policing ..

This paper will cover parts of the history of women police officers, some views and stereotypes of the female officer, job related issues, life outside of the workforce and job satisfaction.

Over twenty years of extensive research has shown that female officers possess a unique style of policing in which they rely more on their interpersonal skills rather than physical strength or force to talk a person down from a violent situation (National Center for Women & Policing, 2013).

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When asking people what gender makes a more effective officer, I get various responses Some people say having women in the police force has its disadvantages.
Women In Policing essays This paper will cover women's roles in policing A lot fireman and police officers In this essay, I focus on the entry of women into the police force.