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The traffic security is considered to be one of the most important issues for maintaining the safety of the society. It includes a range of measures that should act to decline the number of fatalities and cases of injuries on the roads. What is more, the road safety determines the standards of living in all modern countries and depends on specific conditions of every state. As a result, the concept of road security is a complex problem that can be separated into different levels, which has particular aspects of the issue.

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There should be more awareness campaigns aimed at inculcating good driving habits, especially among schoolchildren.When road users ensure their vehicles are roadworthy, respect the law and think about their safety as well as that of others, then the number of fatalities can be reduced.Thank you

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First of all, it is important to list the main participants of the road traffic that in the majority of cases are perpetrators or victims of accidents. Hence, there are several typical road users that determine road safety:

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