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I feel, instead of going for any allowance, the government must use that money to put any small or big scale industry to solve the unemployment problem in different areas.

I am of the opinion that unemployment allowance should be given to the qualified people till a particular age limit.

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Lui from the Economic Development Research Center of HKUST A research has
been done and the result is that the change in the economic structure contribute
60% for the rising unemployment rate.

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Unemployment is becoming a major problem all over the world. Even in some developed nations, the rate of unemployment is high. This is sometimes attributed to the financial recession that gripped the world during the first decade of this century. While the situation improved considerably over the last few years, a lot of people who had been laid off by their previous employers are still out of work. Some people feel that the government should give them weekly financial allowances. I don’t think that this is a viable solution.

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