I’ve read two articles that deal with the issue of sleep deprivation.

This essay discusses the recent problem of sleep deprivation in today's teens.

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It is important for people to realize that sleep deprivation is a growing problem and that it can pose serious medical and health problems. Many people tend to take this lightly and not pay much attention to how much they are sleeping. Many researches are being conducted to look further into the causes and consequences of sleep deprivation and it is important that the public be aware of the threats that it can pose for an average person.

One cannot discount the physical factors of sleep apnea related to the psychological effects.

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L−tryptophan either improves or has not effect on other sleepparameters, with the exception of a suppressive effect on REM sleep [EUROPEAN NEUROLOGY; Korner,E; 25(Suppl 2):75-81 (1986)].

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More recently low levels of hypocretin have been found in the CSF of humans with the disorder.

Treatments based on this initial work
It has been found that small injections of hypocretin can reduce the cataplexy in dogs, however larger injections make the cataplexy work. This seems to be due to different areas of the midbrain responding in different ways to the chemical. The locus coerulus (already mentioned in the physiology of sleep) seems to be crucial in the whole process.

The drug modafinil has been used an effective treatment for some cases of narcolepsy. It is thought that modafinil stimulates production of hypocretin by the hypothalamus.

Tying the early research together
It seemed clear that the lack of hypocretin in dogs and cats was able to produce symptoms strikingly similar to narcolepsy. Human narcoleptics seemed to have damage to their hypocretin-producing cells.

The book Sleep Deprivation: Basic Science discussed the question, what is the function of sleep.

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Tripp's career was indelibly tarnished by the 1960 payola scandal, in which he and several other disc jockeys and radio station employees were indicted on charges of accepting money from record companies in exchange for playing their records. Tripp later blamed his involvement, at least in part, to his sleep deprivation.

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changing job or moving house, and I told you about the Greenberg et al (1972) study in which men showed footage of a circumcision being carried out reported less anxiety each day when it was shown again. However, if deprived of REM sleep they were just as anxious on subsequent screenings.

Sleep deprivation studies
These are interesting in their own right, but from a practical point of view can be used:

· As evidence for the restoration theory of sleep
· In an essay on the methods used in the study of sleep
· As an example of disruption of biological rhythms

Total sleep deprivation

These studies tend to be carried out on student participants at various universities, for example Loughborough and Edinburgh in the UK. There are also the two infamous cases of sleep deprivation for the purposes of charity and notoriety in the Guinness book of records.

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(Note: Carrying our sleep research on student sleep patterns seems to be as valid as research on the sleep patterns of cats).

Other evaluation points
When we lose sleep and are given the opportunity to make it up we only catch up on a small proportion of it. This suggests that not all sleep is needed. Why therefore would we need non-essential sleep?

Amino acids are not stored in the body and only remain in the bloodstream for about eight hours before being broken down or excreted. As a result we would expect protein synthesis to stop half way through a night’s sleep. This would explain why deep sleep occurs in the first half of a night’s sleep. Of course this also assumes that we eat just prior to going to sleep!

Oswald (1980) and Hartman (1984) built on the theory to include restoration during REM sleep. They believe that REM is for restoration of the brain. Stern & Morgane (1974) believed that neurotransmitter levels within the brain may be restored during REM sleep. The young brain is growing and developing at its fastest rate so young children, especially babies sleep for much longer than adults. In the newborn about 9 hours a day is spent in REM compared to about 2 hours in adults.

Note: restoration theories of sleep make cognitive sense since we suffer so many unpleasant consequences when deprived of sleep

It is important to remember that this seeks to explain the biological state of REM sleep and makes no mention of the psychological state of dreaming. Therefore it is not to be used in a question that asks for theories of dreaming.

Research in support of restoration theories
The most obvious support comes from aspects of the sleep deprivation studies to be discussed in the next section. First some other evidence:

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By forgoing research on music’s effect on sleep, the possibility of improving sleep through non-pharmaceutical means is reduced, thus imposing more expensive, side-effect ridden treatments onto people suffering from sleep problems.