William Prescott 'History of the Conquest of Mexico and Peru' NY: nd

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As a result of built development and development along the coast, the practise of land reclamation has caused the removal of wetland vegetation which is an essential part of the coastal zone.

Through the hindsight of history, glorious victories may become horrible defeats.

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The recorded history of the island begins with Columbus' landing in July 31, 1498....

Newman examines this critical issue in his article – "The Caribbean's Response to the Great Commission - History and Models of Response, published in the Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology, Issue #1....

One is Mohun Biswas’s family and other one is Tulsi family in Arwacas.

The Arawaks portrayed honesty ..

A question that very much defines the man he was a man who was ruthless, a person with no soul and no human feeling, a man with only self motives towards his gain or a man with feelings for others, a man who lived on...

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Pre-Columbian Hispaniola - Arawak/Taino Indians

So, it is a question of which African or succession of African descendants and cultures populating the Americas, having left African 80 to years ago, gave the name Ayiti to the island first.

Pre-Columbian Hispaniola - Arawak/Taino Indians Arawak/Taino Indians

The amalgamated African tribes became "Ayisyen" in Ayiti, thereby honoring Africa's strengths and the spirit of the fallen Taino Ayisyen.

When it came to naming the island the African warriors had freed from the white settlers' tyranny after 300-years of brutal and bloody enslavement, it took a supremely centered man to eschew colonial names and a great humanist to remember the original inhabitants, the Taino Haitian (or Taino Ayisyen), descendants of the Arawaks, and an Arawakan-speaking people who had been brutally decimated by the white settlers.

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He has been claimed by the Spanish, Portuguese, French, Norwegians, and Jews (Hurst 1) but many historians have now agreed that he was born of Italian origin.