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In the United States, while there is evidence of consistency in some socializationpractices across diverse groups (e.g., in regard to the development of mental healthamong Latino and European American youth; ), there isalso research indicating that practices differ in different American groups. For instance,African American parents more frequently discuss prejudice with their adolescentchildren than is the case for Japanese American or Mexican American parents ; in addition, both African American and Japanese American parentsemphasize adaptation to society more so than is the case with Mexican American parents.

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According to the data presented in the 1993 45% of the1.7 million new American families were started in 1990 by the birth of a new baby wereat major risk of experiencing problems such as having inadequate family resources (thatis, of living below the poverty line) or witnessing negative developments for the child(e.g., poor school performance) because of the presence of at least one of three factors:(1) The mother had less than 12 years of schooling; (2) The mother was unmarried to thechild's father; and (3) The mother was a teenager at the time of the birth of her first baby.

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For instance, public policies pertinent to the eligibility of adults to receive publicassistance for their children (e.g., Aid for Dependent Children), and cultural attitudesabout people who receive such welfare support, may result in specific communitiesplacing time limits on an adult's eligibility for welfare and requiring that the personenter either job training or educational programs. The challenges and stressors that aperson has in such a program may influence the emotional character of interactions withhis/her child, and the child may carry the "residue" of his/her interaction in the homewith the parent into the child's interactions with peers in the classroom.

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Whatever style parents use to rear their adolescents, the goal of parenting is toraise a child who is healthy and successful in life, who can contribute to self and tosociety, who accepts and works to further the social order. The process--the behaviorsthat are used over time--to reach these goals is termed socialization. Although allsocieties socialize their youth (in order that, as future contributors to society, the societycan survive and prosper), there are marked differences in what different societies, orgroups within society, want to see in a youth that has been "successfully" socialized. Saidanother way, there is great diversity in the specific goals parents have in socializing theiryouth.

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Considerable additional research confirms the generally positive influence onadolescent development of authoritative parenting and, in turn, of the developmentalproblems that emerge in youth when parents are authoritarian, permissive, indulgent, oruninvolved ; ; ;; ; ; ; . Moreover, this researchconfirms as well that the positive influences of authoritative parenting extend to theadolescent's choice of, or involvement with peers (e.g., ). Thus, theinfluence of parents is often highly consistent with the influence of peers amongadolescents (Lerner & Galambos, 1998).

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A large body of research on attitudes indicates that parental warmth together with reasonable levels of control combine to produce positive child outcomes. Although not strong, as noted above, the results are consistent. Researchers have noted that what is seen to be a reasonable level of control varies as a function of sociocultural context.3 Attitudes toward control are generally more positive in non Anglo-European cultures, with these attitudes having less detrimental effects on children’s development because they are more normative and less likely to be interpreted as rejecting or unloving.3,4 In accord with the realization that children’s behaviour affects that of their parents, researchers have found that, whereas parent attitudes affect child behaviour, this relation shifts as the child grows, with adolescent behaviour having an impact on parenting style and attitudes.5

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Strange as it may seem, they are still children, still having to operate bodies and minds that are like new, complex pieces of machinery. And indeed, at meal’s end, it is I who rises and clears the plates, just as I always have. It would be far too easy to gibe at the skin-depth of their feminism. Besides, I don’t see that anything has fundamentally changed in the contract between me and them. For the first time, I am glad of the flaws in our family life, though at times I have suffered bitterly over them, seeing in other people’s impeccable domestic lives a vision of stability and happiness I have absolutely failed to attain. But in this new territory, we perhaps have less to lose: no image is being defiled, no standard of perfection compromised. The traditional complaint about teenagers — that they treat the place like a hotel — has no purchase on me. In fact, I quite like the idea. A hotel is a place where you can come and go autonomously and with dignity; a place where you will not be subjected to criticism, blame or guilt; a place where you can drop your towel on the floor without fear of reprisal, but where, hopefully, over time, you become aware of the person whose job it is to pick it up and instead leave it folded neatly on a chair.