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This paper will discuss the history of special education during the twentieth century.

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All of these strategies establish an important and unambiguous principle: teacher education exists to serve the needs of Pre-K–12 schools and public financial support should depend on its ability to do so.

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There is also a strong social-justice component to teacher education, with teachers cast as “activists committed to diminishing the inequities of American society.” That vision of a teacher is seen by a considerable fraction of teacher educators (although not all) as more important than preparing a teacher to be an effective instructor. This view of a teacher’s role as transformational is not wrong, as teachers often serve as the means by which children overcome challenges inherent in their backgrounds. But it is one that is often taken to absurd extremes in practice. For example, a textbook used in a math course for elementary school teachers is entitled Social Justice through Mathematics, which explains why the view is so often disparaged.

This is especially true when parents are dealing with the special education program in their child’s school....

Although the number of students suffering from a learning, emotional or physical disability continues to flourish, the successes of special education services provided in the classroom are heavily contingent on when the child was diagnosed. One of the main issues surrounding early identification is the fact that not all disabilities are initially evident. In contrast, many children are diagnosed with disabilities impairing their ability to learn as they progress through school. The inability to diagnose a condition that may impair the child’s ability to learn in a traditional classroom setting is problematic, as children diagnosed with a learning disability later in their academic training tend to respond worse to special education programs. However, this is in part attributed to the fact that the child may have struggled academically for years prior to being diagnosed. As a result, these children often struggle to catch up to their peers and meet state standards. Therefore, it is increasingly important for parents and teachers to work together to identify the child’s strengths and weaknesses in order to determine if the child suffers from a learning disability.

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It is because training a teacher is viewed (if the AERA volume is accurate in its summation) as “an oversimplification of teaching and learning, ignoring its dynamic, social and moral aspects.” This evolution from a training purpose to a preparation purpose started in the 1970s and is described in detail by the AERA volume co-editor and Boston College education professor Marilyn Cochran-Smith, who dismisses training as a “technical transmission activity.”

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I would not trade what I do for anything.
I know that by being a special education teacher I will make a positive difference in the lives of the kids with disabilities and with their parents.

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Nowhere is the chasm between the two visions of teacher education—training versus formation—clearer than in the demise of the traditional methods course. The public, and policymakers who require such courses in regulations governing teacher education, may assume that when a teacher takes a methods course, it is to learn the best methods for teaching certain subject matter. That view, we are told in the AERA volume, is for the most part an anachronism. The current view, state professors Renee T. Clift and Patricia Brady, is that “A methods course is seldom defined as a class that transmits information about methods of instruction and ends with a final exam. [They] are seen as complex sites in which instructors work simultaneously with prospective teachers on beliefs, teaching practices and creation of identities—their students’ and their own.”

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By being a special education teacher, I will have the opportunity to use my talents and skills creatively and to grow both professionally and personally.