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Fallacies of relevance happen when the premises are not logically relevant to the conclusion.

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We also will recognize the author of a 300 to 350-word essay on how the Boca Raton Tribune helps the community or why a free press is important. Deadline for submitting this typed essay is August 15.

I will also show organizational examples that illustrate each one of my chosen fallacies.

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It is not hard to see that information technology has made books and newspapers less important. This, however, does not mean that they have become totally irrelevant. A lot of people begin their day reading their favourite newspaper. To conclude, books and magazines may have lost some of their relevance, but it is impossible to claim that technology has made them redundant.

There are two types of logical fallacies, fallacies of relevance, and fallacies of insufficient evidence.

Consider the author, the title of the work, the summary, where it is, and the timeliness of the entry. You may also want to look at the keywords to see what other categories the work falls into. Evaluate this information to see if it is relevant and valid for your research.

This essay will investigate and outline some of the different social, cultural and ethical issues which are relevant to Tesco Plc’s operation.

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This essay will discuss how relevant the early theories of mass society are in today’s media environment, as there have been vast changes in terms of society as well as the media....

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It is during the focus part of research where it is most important to find academic or authority sites. The basic search can yield some good general information, but it is vital to find sites that can back it up. Authority sites usually include those such as government sites, universities, newspapers and even a company’s own site. Evaluating the sources is also important. Make sure the sites you are using are offering factual information rather than simple opinions. Opinions of course can be important and facilitate further areas of research, but they need to have good evidence behind them in order to be fully relevant.

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It is very important to remember that not all sources can be trusted. This is true for books, newspapers and internet sites. On some topics it is easy to find reliable information. On other such as certain financial instruments it can be hard. Lets say you want to write an essay about binary options. A lot of the websites are designed with one goal in mind. To make money. And they are willing to lie to do so. When researching a topic such as this it is very important to only use large reliable websites that feature both positive and negative information about the topic. If you are writing about binary options you might chose to look at broker websites and large reliable websites such as and stay away from smaller ones.

Formerly newspapers contained only news.

When searching for information in library catalogues and online article databases such as EbscoHost or Proquest Direct, you will first find a bibliographic citation entry. A bibliographic citation provides relevant information about the author and publication as well as short summary of the text.

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It is true that technological innovations like computers and the internet have made books and newspapers less important. When people can find all information online, they have hardly any incentive to buy books or magazines. This, however, does not mean that books have lost all of their relevance. In my opinion, books are still relevant to a certain extent.