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about the possibility of cross-contamination of mains drinking water with rainwater.

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When rains fail occasionally, the animals in forest migrate to long distances in search of water. Small check dams built in different places hold rain water and help animals face severe droughts in forests.

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Man has ever been the most ungrateful wretch. He keeps on digging borewells and uses water to the maximum wihtout ever bothering to replenish the water tables. As a result, there is a seepage of sea water in borewells in cities located near the shore. Besides, agriculture is becoming economically un-viable because of elss availability of water for irrigation. So, Tamil Nadu State Government has promulgated an ordinance insisting on rain-harvesting in all the homes through out the state.

Installing a rainwater collection system requires diverting roof downspouts tocisterns or rain barrels to capture and store the runoff.

The geographical location, annual rainfall, the area and type of roof or collection surface, and intended applications (now and in the future) are all considerations to ensure full compliance.

Rainwater harvesting rain water harvesting is becoming an entirely new supply source and is rather more than a conservative

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Rain water Harvesting is an important, and an ideal solution to residential areas. The level of water in the ground varies. Where there is insufficient or inadequate ground water supply or surface resources, rain water harvesting helps save the runoff of pure rain water in underground rain tanks.

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Water extracted for public systems is treated to potable standards.
Rainwater harvesting (RWH) in its essence is the collection, conveyance and storage of
rainwater, is a technique that has been used for many years.

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It has not been widely employed in
industrialized societies that rely primarily on centralized water distribution systems, but with
limited water resources and stormwater pollution recognized as serious problems and the
emergence of green building, the role that rainwater harvesting can play for water supply is being

Rainwater harvesting is the accumulation and storage of ..

Water is the life, without water we can't expect of life on the earth. Water is most important for every living to live. Underground water is limited and if it is finished, there is no chance to recycle it again. To save more and more water, rain water harvesting is most important. Rain water can be stored in wells and it can be used for cattles and for irrigation in rural areas and for domestic purposes in rural as well as urban. Govt. should take step for digging wells, so that more more water can be store.

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It is
fresh water that is in abundant supply, and is generally undervalued in the United States.
Rainwater harvesting has significant potential to provide environmental and economic benefits
by reducing stormwater runoff and conserving potable water, though several barriers exist that
limit its application.