Be sure to show your statement of purpose to several professors.

For our academic writing purposes we will focus on four types of essay.

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I One of the dilemmas of public art has been the difficulty in offering any clear orshared definition. We might say simply that it is art that happens outside of thegallery or museum, but implicit in this definition is the assumption that publicart exists outside the mainstream of contemporary arts practice, or at least issecondary to what goes on in the main spaces and, as such, it has lacked a certaincredibility as a fine art discipline. The lack of a clear definition is perhaps one ofthe greatest obstacles for public art and yet, as Cameron Cartier points out "aclear definition is elusive because public art is simply difficult to define".Part of what makes public art practice so difficult to define is that itencompasses a vast umbrella of practices and forms: from permanent sculpturesto temporary artworks; political activism; socially-engaged practices; monuments;memorials; community-based projects; off-site museum and gallery programmes;earthworks and land art; site-specific work; street furniture, urban design, andarchitectural decoration have all been classified under public art. Some argue thatcategorising public art is misleading – public art is just art. Certainly we see moreand more how the distinction between an artist's studio practice and one thatis publically motivated (i.e. political, social, situational, or relational) has blurredand there is considerable fluidity in how an artist's work resonates within thegallery, art fair, biennial and public project contexts. (Think, for example, of MartinCreed's Work No. 850, 2008, with athletes timed to run as fast as they can, oneat a time through the Duveen Hall, Tate Britain; or Francis Alÿs' When Faith MovesMountains, 2002 – a performative work in Lima Peru, involving 500 volunteerswho with shovels moved a sand dune a few inches – land art for the landless.)

Let's assume the required length of this particular program's statement of purpose is 300 words.

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why you're writing. If your purpose in writing is to please your instructor or to get a better grade, that may not be enough. Many instructors devise strategies to persuade their students to write for a larger community — publishing students' best work in a newsletter or online publication, asking students to send their papers to local newspapers, putting their best papers in a collection in the college library — something that allows students to feel that more than one person, sitting alone at the kitchen table, is going to read this bit of writing. Knowing that there is more than one person to please, a public "out there," is a motivation in itself to do well, to communicate clearly. It will help establish, also, that consistent sense of that is so important to a paper's success.

But you should also know that Nigel's statement of purpose is an all-or-nothing proposition.

That's a lot to cover in a few hundred words (the length of a statement purpose, as required by different schools, tends to be around 300 to 1000 words).

You may be as specific as possible, as it is engineering professors who are reading this statement.

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Beyond that feeling that there is an audience out there, waiting breathlessly for this paper you're working on, it helps to have a clear sense of what you're trying to do for this audience. Are you trying to entertain them? That is surely a lofty purpose: writing to lighten someone's spirits is not a project to be undertaken lightly. Is your paper a matter of self-expression? Do you have opinions or feelings that you need to share with others? Are you trying to persuade others that you have a view of things that is clear-sighted, useful, and needs to be shared? Or that someone else's position is faulty, muddle-headed, or otherwise wrong? Are you trying to provide an exposition of facts or process or definition that others can take advantage of, or are you trying to persuade them of the rightness of a moral or ethical position? Do you want your audience to read your paper and then act, filled with new energy because of what you've told them? The objectivity, mood, and earnestness of your prose will be determined by this attitude or sense of purpose.

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The pressure to write is determined by the relationship between you as writer and the audience you're trying to reach and affect. Let's examine two essay beginnings with an eye toward determining the writer's purpose and how that sense of purpose establishes tone and word choice. Let's say that for a course in Art Appreciation we (there's a bit of pressure right there!) a brief analysis of a famous painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, (c. 1558; Oil on canvas, mounted on wood, 73.5 x 112 cm; Musees royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, Brussels). [Clicking on the image below will call up a larger version of the same painting —179 kb, not recommended with slow connections.] As you read the beginnings, think about the relationship between writer and audience and how this might have influenced how the writer wrote as he or she did.