Business ethics involves the role of a company in our society.

With those morals and values, which are also called professional ethics, comes codes of conduct.

This Code of Conduct and Ethics Policies guides our business daily.

No one statement can possibly cover the range of ethical matters confronted by geographers. The activities and styles of geographers are diverse, as are the contexts within which they practice their craft. Thus, any statement that seeks to be comprehensive will inevitably fail. At the same time, there are a variety of arenas in which professional geographers work that raise basic ethical considerations; to say nothing about these is to ignore their ethical dimensions. This statement sets forth principles that speak to some of the (often overlapping) arenas in which professional geographers find themselves. The principles should be seen as starting points for consideration of the ethical issues attendant to these and other arenas of professional activity.

In this paper the ANA’s goals are described and tied to their ethical principles.

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Although different dynamics are at play, the relationships psychologists have with each other, with other professionals, and with the general public have boundaries that warrant ethical consideration as well....

A discussion of the ANA’s culture and ethical decision making is described.

Complex and contentious areas of business ethics would include the effect a petrochemical company's actions have on the environment or the obligation of a pharmaceutical company to make its drugs available to developing countries....

The ethical expectations and boundaries are regulated by both laws and professional codes....

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These limited public-policy exceptions in the majority of statesdo not create rights of freedom of speech for learned professionals,nor do they create rights of learned professionals to uphold high ethicalstandards.

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Reamer, F. G. (1998). Ethical standards in social work: A review of the NASW Code of Ethics. Washington, DC: NASW.
This is the first comprehensive, in-depth examination of the code of ethics of the social work profession. Ethical Standards in Social Work provides guidance for practice in areas such as confidentiality, boundary issues, informed consent, conflicts of interest, research and evaluation, and more. Using many case examples, this practical and essential guide provides a firm foundation for making ethical decisions and minimizing malpractice and liability risk. (Journal Abstract)

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The Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics (JSWV&E)

This journal seeks to inform and influence social work practice and education. JSWV&E addresses scholarly inquiry, including development of models for analyzing and resolving value and ethical conflicts; description of new value dilemmas and their impact on social work practice; research studies on the influence of values and ethics in social work practice decision-making and in agency program development; examples of good practice that clearly highlight ethical and value considerations; theoretical articles that explain the origin, development, and evolution of social work values and ethics; discussion of ethical and value dilemmas related to the development of new technologies; and review and analysis of scholarly and practice books, monographs, and articles written on the topic of social work values and ethics.

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The following references selected from a broad literature search using key words ethics, social work, and research is not exhaustive, but reflects the range of research-related writings addressing value-relatedness, problem identification, and methodology. Provided are examples of case studies, and both qualitative and quantitative methodology. The references are grouped in three sections as defined above: Research on Ethics, Issues related to Ethics Research, and Ethical Decision-Making in Practice. The articles are listed in descending order from most recent publications from 2005 to 1990, with the exception of two earlier publications that provide perspective of particular note.