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For the sake of this essay, pluralism will be defined simply as a state of more than one.

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The integration of business into society, for example shares, and the rise of consumerism mean that pluralism can never exist in capitalist societies as the distribution of power depends on the economy and thus it is businesses that are truly in control.

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Both theories to some extent were based on Western governments; with Marxism being developed partly through Engels’ experiences in Manchester in the mid nineteenth century and Pluralism being developed through the studies in America in the mid twentieth century; but they both offer radically different ideas about who holds power in the UK and the US....

How would you define pluralism? Write a 1–2 page essay on pluralism, concentrating on religion and religious oppression.

Cultural pluralism, by definition, refers to a situation whereby small inside a larger society are able to maintain separate and unique cultural identities. These cultural subgroups are generally viewed as positive contributors to the larger society, and that their, while expressing , are common to the whole of society. Societies that promote pluralism view as something to be celebrated, noting that the larger group benefits from an infusion of new viewpoints and new customs.

For the sake of this essay, pluralism will be defined simply as a state of more than one

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Bertrand Russell described the search of a pluralistic system when he wrote: “To frame a philosophy capable of coping with men intoxicated with the prospect of most unlimited power and also with the apathy of the powerless is the most pressing task of our time” (Bertrand Russell, “The History of Western Philosophy”, 1945, p. 729.).

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James Madison introduced one of the initial arguments for political pluralism in the 1780s when he proposed that factions would prevent any single group from dominating American politics. Not until the 1950s, however, did analysts popularize political “pluralism” as a theory of interest group politics. They understood the U.S. political system as interplay among corporate associations, labor unions, and other organizations that used resources to shape policy making. They believed that this system represented citizens, since power and influence were spread across many groups. Diversity could flourish and even enhance politics as long as everyone abided by certain American ideals, such as the democratic process and civility. This view of political pluralism, as well as popular ideas about cultural pluralism at the time, verbally lauded diversity while assuming a societal consensus around certain U.S. values.

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In the 1960s, U.S. ideology about pluralism shifted toward two conflicting visions—corporate pluralism and liberal pluralism—amid social movements challenging discrimination at home, anti-colonialism abroad, and new laws allowing immigration from regions such as Latin America. Under corporate pluralism, ethnic and racial groups have formal legal status and rights, and individuals’ rights depend, in part, on the groups to which they belong. The Black Power movement and its separatist call for black power exemplified this vision. Some critics of this view called for liberal pluralism, in which democratic individualism and equality of opportunity are governing principles. They believe that the state should prevent discrimination against ethnic and racial groups but not control these groups or affirm their potentially divisive differences. Similarly, policy analysts have worried that some groups, especially poor black families, failed to adequately assimilate to a shared national culture. Critics of this view argue that it focuses on cultural deficiencies and largely ignores issues of structural inequality.

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In this essay I will be examining the way pluralism, elitism and Marxism view the distribution of power in society as well as why it is argued that pluralism cannot exist in its purest form.