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Difference Between Parochialism And Ethnocentrism …

In response, journalists, academics and researchers are actively questioning news values and the media's habitual representations across as many different cultural and national spaces as possible. Opportunities for such reflection are provided by an increasing range of internationally- oriented journalism and communication studies schools, many of which champion substantive, critical dialogue between the represented and the representers. The more that isolated and marginalized communities can be brought in — those people whose stories haven't been covered, due to their gender, ethnicity, economic status or geo-political location — the more we can hope to erode the rigidity of news values which simply reflect the dominant paradigms of political and cultural control.

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Difference Between Parochialism And Ethnocentrism

raise the further question of whether there was a historical person accurately represented by the tradition and of whether the degree of originality that appears (or appears to my mind!) in the tradition is due to the insights of
that person.

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The speakers featured in Covering World News believe we're ill-served by the parochialism of our news at a time when the world's becoming a much more interconnected place. We desperately need our news to provide insights and information which allow us to reject representations that were forged in imperial times and which encourage the narrowest forms of ethnocentrism and nationalism.

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