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They are different essay types with different aims. See my advanced lessons to learn about this:

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hey mam,, please tell me that the below lines are good for a particular types of essay,,
1. DEBATABLE:- both the perspectives will be critiqued in the viability of this essay and an opinion will be formed.
Then i share my opinion in 3 body paragraph.

I’m confused about the structure of opinion essays, and my question is:

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Task Response is 25% of your marks. This relates not only to relevant, well developed ideas but also to addressing the task (following instructions). If the instructions only ask for your opinion and half of your essay is about other people’s views, then part of your essay is irrelevant. IELTS essays are short (no more than 300 words usually) and also highly focused. They are so focused that every single sentence should be planned. See my advanced writing task 2 lessons – I’ll be offering a discount starting tomorrow.

Can I add some short statistics in the essay in order to support my opinion ?

I do not know how to thank you and how to show my gratitude for all your help. You have been an amazing teacher and the fact that your lessons are free. You helped me reach my dream. I was shocked to see that I got these scores which came out yesterday, L 7.5 R 7 W7 S7. I was desperate because I took the exam for a couple of times. I concentrated on your lessons, especially writing during my last exam. And that is the fruit of your labor. That is exactly what I needed to continue my application in the UK as a nurse. If given the chance, I would like to visit you in the future. I would highly recommend you to others. Thanks again and continue to be a blessing to everyone in need. Godbless you and your family. 😊

Kindly see my Introduction and Thesis as regards the sample essay above and please make a comment. Thanks for yours continued support.

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If you get an opinion essay (the instructions will vary: do you agree or disagree / do you agree / tow what extent …), you can agree or you can disagree or you can have a partial agreement / a balanced view. I highly recommend you get my advanced lessons because if you don’t learn this in depth, you will get a lower score:

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It is possible to write a partial agreement but you need to be very careful doing it. If you turn the essay into a discussion essay with no clear position, you will get a low score. If you want training in this, my advanced writing task 2 lessons explain it all and are at 50% discount right now:

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Hi Liz,
I have a question to ask in related to a recent exam question that you have posted. the question is, ‘Countries with longer working days are more economically successful, but there are also some negative consequences. Do you agree?’
In this essay I feel like there are three independent areas that I need to connect each other. How longer working hours develop country economy and how longer working days bring social issues.
Is this correct? Or my entire essay should be on longer working days and social issues?
I think that longer working days develop economy is a fact (according to this question) and we don’t need to describe a given fact. Just mention it only in introduction?

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Your task is to follow instructions. If the instructions ask for your opinion, your entire essay will follow that. If it asks you to discuss, then you will present both sides. Don’t confuse the instructions. Don’t write about other people’s views if the instructions only ask for your own.

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In agree/disagree essay that has two contradictory statements, if I agree to first statement throughout my essay is it OK or I need to agree on both the statements…
Plz guide me Liz just tell me if I agree , it should be on which points.. If I disagree …it should be which points ..only first or both?????