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More than many other institutions, business schools rely on the in-person interview.

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There are varying opinions on whether the business has improved or declined, but the one thing that holds true is the fact that it is changing and the future of music will form before our eyes.

Taking into consideration my foundation and my interests, graduate business school is the next logical step.

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According to Peter Alexander, “the distribution of market share among major and independent firms in the domestic music recording industry has shown fluctuations approximating the shape of a (W), with two periods of low concentration, preceded and followed by several periods of high concentration.”(1994) This essay is dedicated to discussing the balance of power and exploring...

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Some new business models that are focused on profiting from recorded music are heading towards the model of subscriptions. These are either ad based or monthly/yearly fee based. Services like “Spotify” in Europe and “Raphsody” are charging monthly fees for the possibility of unlimited streaming. Spotify has a more narrow, free, ad based streaming service and an option to upgrade to an account with no ads and more advantages for a fee. There are Internet Radio stations such as Pandora that charge a fee or are ad based as well. Sirius XM Radio is an example for a satellite radio that charges a monthly fee for the access to its 120 channels. These services all pay performance royalties to songwriters and publishers through ASCAP, BMI and SESAC and since last May some are paying sound recording performance royalties to the record labels as well through SoundExchange, a new collecting society. The terms are constantly negotiated, and many hurdles are still to be passed as these services, and especially other smaller ones, don’t really generate a positive cash flow yet. The most successful models have been able to offer enough free features to classify themselves as a viable competitor in the market . The problem is that these models are still competing with free.

Reaction of artists and bands on the recent trends and how did the internet piracy helped to shape the legitimate music business of 20th century....

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TheInternet allows artists to communicate directly with their audiences;we don't have to depend solely on an inefficient system wherethe record company promotes our records to radio, press or retailand then sits back and hopes fans find out about our music.

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Finally, live music will always be there, and will always have a demand. The concert business is doing great and since 1991 concert ticket sales have increased each year and cracked the $2 billion threshold. Another trend we see in live music is that major stadiums are becoming less popular as smaller venues are increasingly being used and actually gross in total more than the stadiums. This is also related to the existence of a “middle class” of musicians and, perhaps, the fall of the superstars.

Consequently, 2012 explains about the music business.

As music sellers diminish their dependency on recorded music sales, the music business can take comfort from the fact that there are other growth areas. The music publishing industry is well on its feet and more and more music is being licensed instead of sold. Composers, artists and bands can partner with a publisher and be able to profit from the use of their music in any of the other kinds of mediums and media such as TV, mobile, ads or games. Performance royalties, as opposed to mechanical collections, are increasing. If imposed in a wise and not strangling way on the digital radio stations they can provide even more substantial monies for the copyright owners.

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Recent studies show that most new artists without professional representation and a business mindset have a slimmer chance in getting signed to major or independent labels (Lowry, 2011)....