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To many who knew him, that is the central fact of Louis Armstrong’s character, and it comes through well in Bergreen’s biography. So many of the musicians who came from the squalor of early New Orleans died broken and bitter people. King Oliver and Bunk Johnson come most quickly to mind. It is a miracle of the human spirit that Louis survived the booze, the pimps, the cruelty and the poverty to achieve such charity of sprit and artistic creativity. That is the real story of Louis Armstrong, and that’s what comes through in Bergreen’s biography.

“Wild Man Blues“ was co-composed by Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton. Armstrong included it among his Hot 7 recordings in 1927.

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King Oliver succeeded in encouraging Armstrong to move to Chicago to join his band. While in Chicago, Armstrong married Lil Hardin on February 4, 1924. Lil was a graduate of Fisk University and an excellent pianist who could read, write and arrange music. She encouraged and enhanced Armstrong's career. Some of the Jazz icon's most important and successful work was accomplished with his Hot Fives and Hot Sevens Bands. They separated in 1931 and later divorced in 1938. Louis married Alpha Smith in 1938 after his divorce from Lil.

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We know him for the glorious sound of his trumpet, his amazing improvised solos, and for his immediately recognizable gravel-laced voice. But what’s not so well known about Louis Armstrong is his way with words. Armstrong left behind a priceless legacy of expressive and enormously entertaining writing about his life and career in personal letters, journals and essays.

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But the book as a whole rises above such inadequacies. Let us remember that Bergreen is a cultural historian, not a music critic. This book is not supposed to be a musical critique. It is not even primarily a book about music. It is about Louis Armstrong as a Twentieth century cultural phenomenon. Armstrong’s influence started with music but ultimately extended well beyond it. Bergreen is the first person to define and illustrate that influence in thorough and specific ways.

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I have interviewed many musicians who toured with Louis Armstrong. All of them praise Louis for being without guile or bitterness. "He was the most genuine person I ever met," Jack Lesberg told me some years ago. "No matter how hard Joe Glaser and others tried to package him, he was always Louis." "Louis loved people no matter what their color or background," Yank Lawson told me on another occasion, "and to my knowledge he never hated anybody."

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Moreover, Bergreen sometimes muffs factual details. For example, even I know that Fats Waller, not Lil Armstrong, wrote "Squeeze Me" and that Louis’ funeral was not without music (I believe it was Peggy Lee who sang.). I can understand jazz bugs becoming apoplectic over such mistakes.

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Lawrence Bergreen’s new biography of Louis Armstrong is a good example. It is flawed in several ways, but it is, nonetheless, a significant and worthwhile achievement. Unfortunately, the book has received more criticism than it deserves. Anyone interested in Louis Armstrong should forget the reviews and read the book.

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On this Riverwalk Jazz broadcast, the Obie award-winning actor Vernel Bagneris portrays the multitalented jazz artist in a script based on excerpts of Armstrong’s writing found in The Louis Armstrong Companion, published by Schirmer Books and edited by Joshua Berrett, and In His Own Words, published by Oxford University Press and edited by Thomas Brothers. New Orleans native Vernel Bagneris is acclaimed for his original Broadway shows Jelly Roll, A Me-morial and One Mo’ Time, for his many appearances in Hollywood movies (Pennies from Heaven with Steve Martin) and on television (HBO’s mini-series Treme) among others.