A logical fallacy is a flaw in reasoning

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(argument or appeal to the public). This is the fallacy of trying toprove something by showing that the public agrees with you. For an example,see .This fallacy is nearly identical to , which you should see for more details.

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(argumentto logic). This is the fallacy of assuming that something is falsesimply because a proof or argument that someone has offered for it is invalid;this reasoning is fallacious because there may be another proof or argumentthat successfully supports the proposition. This fallacy often appearsin the context of a argument.

30/01/2010 · Posts about logical fallacies in Buddhism written by chosenbygrace

(with this, therefore because of this). This is the familiar fallacyof mistaking correlation for causation -- i.e., thinking that because twothings occur simultaneously, one must be a cause of the other. A popularexample of this fallacy is the argument that "President Clinton has greateconomic policies; just look at how well the economy is doing while he'sin office!" The problem here is that two things may happen at the sametime merely by coincidence (e.g., the President may have a negligible effecton the economy, and the real driving force is technological growth), orthe causative link between one thing and another may be lagged in time(e.g., the current economy's health is determined by the actions of previouspresidents), or the two things may be unconnected to each other but relatedto a common cause (e.g., downsizing upset a lot of voters, causing themto elect a new president just before the economy began to benefit fromthe downsizing).

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