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The FlappersA big change came to the young women of the 1920s that brought rage to their parents.

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If the "Roaring Twenties" conjures up images of bobbed-hair flappers and couples dancing to jazz music, you may have F. Scott Fitzgerald to thank. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was an American writer of novels, short stories, essays and plays. During his lifetime, Fitzgerald completed four novels (a fifth was published posthumously) and about 160 stories. His novels include , one of the classics of American literature. He was also one of the most influential members of a group known as the Lost Generation. These were the men and women who just missed out on the drama of World War I and instead threw their energies into the freedoms and excesses of the 1920s. When the market crashed and the good times came to a screeching halt, those who survived were left to ponder their choices, regret the waste and mourn the passing of their youth. Fitzgerald's fiction captured these times with keen insight, detailed realism and a distinctly American voice. His writing defined the 1920s, an era Fitzgerald himself named "the Jazz Age."

All writers draw upon the mood and the energy of their times. In Fitzgerald's case, his life paralleled the trajectory of his generation to an almost eerie degree. His work and life flowered in the hedonistic excesses of the 1920s, influenced by a culture of liberated women, Freudian psychoanalysis and social mores as fluid as bootleg gin. When the Great Crash of 1929 rolled around, Fitzgerald and his wife, the inimitable Zelda, collapsed as well into their own financial and mental depressions. In his fiction and in his life, Fitzgerald spent the next decade exploring themes of maturity and regret. A lifelong alcoholic who could only write when off the sauce, he struggled to succeed in a decidedly sober decade. After years of false starts and failed projects, he died of a heart attack in 1940 at the age of 44. F. Scott Fitzgerald died believing himself a failure; time has judged otherwise.

Jazz emerged as a form of African American music that represented excitement and rebellion, something that was looked down on by white people.

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This form of music was very popular in the late 1800s to the early 1900s and was played by African-American Musicians.
Where did jazz come from?
After ragtime had run it course, blues became the next big thing within the African-American communities.
Blues was popular in the early 1900s.
Got Blues?
Jazz has come a long way; it becomes more popular in the late 1900s.

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The well known things of the 1920s were the roaring twenties, the jazz ..

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By the late 1920s motion pictures hadgone from silent to sound, creating anothermedium for the sale of sheet music and phonographrecords. Soon Broadway and Tin Pan Alleysongwriters would be exercising their craftfor films.

The 1920s was the Jazz Age and also one of the most popular …

Jazz came from African American artists (mostly from the southern parts of the U.S.)
Get to the Point
As jazz became more and more popular, it was modified in order to become acceptable for the white middle-class to listen to.

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This exposure allowed a large amount of people to listen to jazz without going into a club.
Picking up Speed
The Musicians
Artists such as King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Kid Ory, and Duke Ellington were jazz's most influential artists and shaped the future of jazz.
Cultural Significance of Jazz in the 1920's
The 1920's were known as the "Jazz Age".

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