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Three weeks ago I had to put my 11 1/2 yr old Boston Terrier (Coty) to sleep. He had heart disease and I had nursed him for almost two years. I was devastated. It was very hard as he was MY dog and very loyal to me. We spent a lot of time together and were very bonded. For the past few weeks I have felt a strong presence over my left shoulder. Not all the time, but almost daily. It's a bit comforting I suppose but I'm not really sure. I have had times throughout my life that I have been very intuned with things. Dreams about family/friends that die and come true that kind of thing. At times I have this "sense" but I'm not quite sure what it is. Can someone explain any of this to me? At times I have heard someone call my name but noone is there. I also had a dream of Coty last week. I dreamt I had let him outside. I knew he was "gone". When I went to let him in he wouldn't come. The neighbours fence was gone that separates our properties and there was a field of the greenest grass I had ever seen. I tried to coax him in but he looked at me and then at the field and then I woke up. I was really upset by the dream. It was like he was saying goodbye or that he was asking me to let him go.

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Ravati the only way I've captured pictures is with flash on. And also talk to them like you would a human. dont let them know you scared, but be firm. let them know they are dead and they are in your house. Tell them you dont want them touching you and as long as they behave they can stay. otherwise they have to leave. If you want them gone say, "In the name of Jesus, spirit and Holy Ghost, go to the light." just keep doing that.

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There are two other ghosts on the property. One is in the root cellar, and does NOT like to be disturbed, otherwise there is poltergeist activity. Luckily the root cellar is another room off of the main cellar, so no one goes in there very much–it has a weird vibe. The other spirit is in the upper room of the carriage house (which my parents use as their junk shed), a very nasty-feeling spirit. I don't ever go in there because my intuition screams **get out** if I start to go up the stairs.

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I am a 30-year-old woman and I have always been rational — not believing in ghosts. But since the last year, many strange things are happening to me. I don't know who to tell. I even thought of seeing a shrink…My symptoms are: I always see in my dreams dead people. some of them are close and some not. they always ask me to deliver kind of a message. Lately I've been feeling some kind negative energy, especially in my bedroom, and it's like someone is watching me. also whispering my name in my ear when i am almost asleep. Finally 3 days ago I felt someone tapping me twice on my shoulder. it's like he doesn't want me to sleep. since then i am terrified, and i am not sleeping in my room. I am very happy in my life from every angle. I feel so lucky and I can't explain why this is happening to me. Help Please?

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Hi. I'm trying to figure out why I get body chills every time I watch paranormal shows. They don't scare me whatsoever because I believe. Everyday I pray and ask my God to send his protecting angels over my house. I'm being protected. I have no fear in my house during the day or at night, however, 1 out of 10 pictures that are taken in my home its almost guaranteed we'll see an orb. Maybe this is a spirit guide taking care of us. I'm not sure, but what I do know is that the chills I get are annoying cause the smoothness of my shaved legs don't last due to these chills every time something excites me like a Ghost Adventures episode. Also I have two dogs and they don't act weird in my house. Regular barks when they hear other dogs, but that's it.

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Do you think that it really was an entity or just a figment of my imagination?? take note our house is not haunted but resides near a forested area. I am not also much of a ghost believer, but I know that there are other things living with us in the world.