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This essay will examine the degree to which nurture or nature influence early human development.

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I've written essays and books; the sidebar on the left connects you to a listing by theme that includes all the books and those of the essays that are easily available on the web. Most of these are from the last ten years or so. I hope to make more of the current and earlier essays available over time. (For a full listing of published essays, see the .)

The essay will go further to describe the importance of learning experience in brain remission.

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The CDs present a wide variety of musical examples from thesaxophone in the 19th century by Combelle and Marcel Mule jazz playersSidney Bechet Charlie Parker and John Coltrane to the saxophone in themodern age including Stephen Cottrell and London Saxophonic.

For example, searching for law* will find occurrences of law and lawyer, but not flaw.

Includes a booklet with anextended essay on the history of the saxophone written by the eminentsaxophonist and leader of The Delta Saxophone Quartet StephenCottrell.

When reading the book “Getting More” by Diamond (2010), I really could relate with many of his examples of negotiating.

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Most of the essays I've written in this area have dealt with Hegel and/or Heidegger, as well as some other figures from nineteenth and twentieth century German and French philosophy. I've been concerned with how these provocative thinkers should be interpreted and compared with each other, especially on issues relating modern freedoms and unfreedoms. Lately I've been writing more about Hegel trying to evaluate claims about the success of the dialectical process in his Logic, which I find fascinating and helpful. Many of the ideas about new kinds of unity that show up in the essays on hypertext and on contemporary places were suggested by my reading of Hegel. Most of the essays on Heidegger have been published in venues not accessible from the web; listings can be found in the , which also includes references to my essays on other philosophers and topics.

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"Other Spaces for Spatial Hypertext," an essay on other topologies for organizing spatial hypertexts, in in the Journal of Digital Information .

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. This is the essay that the previous item talks about. Although it's mostly about places and suburbia, the lengthy hypertext also contains some reflections on its own genesis, and there is a discussion of different kinds of linkage and proximity when I make a parallel between the explicit links in hypertexts and the non-architectural links that make suburbs more complex places than they appear at first to be.