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Ethics in nursing involves individual interpretation based on personal morals and values....

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The American Nurses Association (ANA) created the nursing code of ethics to ensure proper moral care, goals, values, and professional obligations of the nurse where known....

When nurses are face with theses ethical dilemmas, they have a decision to make.

Ethical dilemma in nursing profession

The ethical dilemma arose when the mother decided to put the baby up for adoption, stating she did not have time to take care of a special needs child.

Therefore, what does the nurse do when decision-making involves ethical dilemmas.

Situations requiring nurses to make an ethical decision are diverse and dynamic; the values set out by the College of Nurses of Ontario code of ethics remains the same.

Ethical principles help guide the decision-making process among healthcare workers in complicated situations.

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The purpose of this paper is to identify the ethical and legal implications of the dilemma along with an optimal solution to ethically resolve the issue.

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Using the Forrester-Miller and Davis Decision Making Model Ethical dilemmas are situations that are difficult to navigate and include making a difficult choice....

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At every stage of patients care, law helps bring up to date nursing practice and it is essential that nurses understand the legal and ethical implications of law in their nursing profession (Griffith and Tengrah, 2011).

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1) Complete the readings up to and including this week.
2) Pick a clinical situation in your present or past work setting that presented an ethical dilemma.
3) Without identifying those involved by name, describe the situation in detail including the setting, individuals involved and outcome.
4) Identify the specific ethical characteristic(s) of the dilemma as outlined in your text. Was this a communication problem, interdisciplinary conflict, multiple commitments dilemma? If not one of these, can you identify another ethical dilemma characteristic?
5) What ethical principle(s) was violated? Give the principle and describe specifically how it (they) was violated.
6) What barriers to ethical practice were present? Refer to your textbook to identify the possible barriers present.
7) If the same situation occurred again, now that you have more knowledge about ethical decision making, which ethical theory would you use to help guide you in influencing the outcome. Why did you choose this theory?
8) Conclusion- Summarize the overall situation and outcome and how you felt about the ethical dilemma when it occurred. Describe your emotions, thoughts and overall reaction. Do you think that you will have a different perspective if a similar situation occurs again when you are working as a Family Nurse Practitioner?

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Florence Nightingale would agree with the above statement as she emphasized ethical decision making in personal and professional aspects of life. According to Barbara Dossey, PhD, a Florence Nightingale scholar:
Florence Nightingale is indeed a role model for us when we are faced with ethical dilemmas. She saw “ethical knowing” as valuing and clarifying situations to create formal behaviors, expressions and dimensions of both morality and ethics intersecting with duties; today these would be considered legally prescribed duties. Ethical knowing included daily decisions of right and wrong; what should be done in practice, in personal conduct and behaviors; priorities; responsibilities; and advocacy for the patient, nurse, hospital, clinic, environment and society (Dossey, 2010).

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“Advanced Practice Nurses are expected to be leaders in recognizing and resolving moral problems, creating ethical practice environments, and promoting social justice in the larger health care system” (Hamric & Delgado, 2014, p. 328). Ethical decision making in nursing is a core competency for all Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs).