The love of Ethan Frome is crystal clear.

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One in particular suffers the most of all, Ethan Frome.

People can be defined by their tendencies towards one of those choices, and the lead character in Edith Wharton’s Ethan Frome is most certainly defined by his reactivity, rather than proactivity.

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Since 1911, paperback editions of Ethan Frome have become much more popular as the public prioritizes weight and convenience over durability. Most covers available now contain a vast array of colors, although publishers tend to stick to drearier color schemes. In 1986, Ethan Frome became public domain so there was a surge of publishers adding it to their classics list and reprinting it with their own covers. Many of these covers are very similar; they showcase the depressing winter landscape of the farm Ethan lived on. Take the 2005 edition from Penguin Classics, for example. The cover emphasizes that it is a classic, with the author and title on a simple one-color background, but the rest of the cover is an impressionist painting of a scarce winter landscape, as could be found in New England. This kind of cover is the most common for Ethan Frome by far but it doesn’t seem to encourage the reader to open the cover.

Poverty is constant throughout the novel, Ethan Frome, by Edith Wharton.

When Mattie Silver, a cousin of Zeena, comes to live at the broken down Frome farm to take care of Zeena and her constant illnesses, Ethan begins to realize what real love can do to a person.

The physical appearance of Ethan Frome played a significant part in creating his character.

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The original cover for Ethan Frome, published by Scribners in 1911, was a simple red hardcover with the title and author’s name in golden letters. The title had a red box around it and was printed in a larger font than Edith Wharton. This simple design was the norm for that time period in America because printing in multiple color tones was expensive. I know this because I read a biography about Dr. Seuss where they discussed his tendency to only use three-six colors a book. He may have wanted to use more but multi-color printing was expensive and would have raised the final price of the book; I am assuming that transfers over to the novel industry as well. Hardcovers, of course, were also more common than paperbacks because they needed to be durable.

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We can also look at two different editions from the same publisher. Signet Classics added Ethan Frome to their line-up right after the private rights expired. So we have one edition from 1987 (left) and one from 2009 (right).

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The character Ethan, portrayed in Edith Whartons novel, Ethan Frome, is emotionally weak, he battles constantly with what he wants, how to get it, and what is ethically right....

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The two book covers differ drastically from each other. Once again, the setting is highlighted above anything else but its portrayal has changed. The 1987 cover, instead of an impressionist painting, looks almost like a child’s cartoon drawing of the setting. I don’t quite understand that editorial decision but by looking at the other Signet Classic covers of the 1980’s, it appears that they wanted more simplistic, straight-forward covers. The drawn footpaths on the cover also accent a sense of connectedness, whereas the other covers depicted isolation. The childish appearance of the cover makes this 1987 version my least favorite of all the covers for Ethan Frome I have seen.

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Please choose a character from the novel Ethan Frome and explain
what makes that character uniquely American. Please feel free to think outside the box in describing why.
There are characters within the novel that may not be legally or technically American
but are tremendous examples of the American spirit. This gives you a lot of opportunity to
really explore a character that interests you. You will need to incorporate many aspects of the novel to prove your case. Be sure to look at issues such as imagery, dialect, social and cultural influences, and point of view, among others. Make sure to cite examples from within the novel to support your stance.