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These are some of the ethical environmental issues that need to be addressed.

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Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess classified environmentalism as shallow and deep.

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Another burning issue that environmental activists have been trying to raise is that of global warming, but recent reports have shown that more and more people now believe that global warming is a natural process, and hence, inevitable.

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"Until we have a more complete understanding of pesticide toxicity, the benefit of the doubt should be awarded to protecting the environment, the worker, and the consumer—this precautionary approach is necessary because the data on risk to human health from exposure to pesticides are incomplete."

— US EPA, "Unfinished Business: A Comparative Assessment of Environmental Problems" [1987]

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published an essay in 1967, in which he criticized Judeo-Christian thinking as being a primary factor that led human beings to exploit the environment.

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In the past, environmental groups had achieved major success by getting the government to put in legislation such as National Environment Policy Act, Clean Water Act in place, which poses some serious questions on the achievement of these organizations in recent times.

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It is necessary to mention that more immediate issues such as health care and economic policies have dominated the political scenario, making environmental issues seem a less serious threat.

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Some may think that the principles of deep ecology are not sufficient to address environmental issues, but advocates of this ideology believe that once a state of 'environmental consciousness' is attained, humans will feel obligated to protect the environment.

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In the absence of a global political consensus, environmental activists have to put in all their efforts to ensure that there is some sort of awareness on this grave issue.

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