Some people like dress codes while others despise them.

(“The Controversial School Uniforms and School Dress Code Debate”, 2008).

Sometimes these dress codes stretch as far as district-wide.

4. An educational component on dress codes could be included not only in health class but also in literature, history and social studies, allowing students to discuss issues of body image, expression, shaming, gender stereotypes and the influence of the media in hypersexualizing girls. (And an examination of the culpability of corporate America could be added as well. Why is it that the vast majority of , even for toddlers, are of lengths deemed too short?)

It was official in 2005; the Lima City Schools board of education adopted a new dress code policy.

The school must have control over the dress code and enforce it.

Research shows, that dress code policies may increase the chance of a child safety in school by a very low percentage, but that still affects the child in a positive way (“Do uniforms make schools better?”, 2...

School must be back in session. Stories about students violating dress codes are in the news.

If there is no change made to the student dress code, than the school must enforce every rule of the dress conduct to every student and staff member....

Teachers, parents, and other adults feel disgruntled about the way they dress.

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The public school system should lower the violence in their schools by implementing a strict dress code, banning students from having a cell phones on campus , separate students by sex, as well as looking more into the background of teachers that they employ.

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Some schools are very strict about their school uniforms and the appearance of their pupils, while other schools have a very relaxed dress code.

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School dress codes are nothing new. Many people probably remember those more conservative days when boys weren’t allowed to march through the school doors in blue jeans and girls were forbidden from wearing pants. (And yes, they even wore skirts on snowy days and walked 10 miles uphill, both ways, to get to school…)

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Also, the dress code has been introduced to stop the forming of any gang.

School uniforms is sometimes a problem and it does snatch away your power to decide for yourself, but it does make you feel proud when you see others wearing the same uniform or when you are being recognized by others by your uniform.

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3. The school personnel must use a language that doesn’t shame (or distract) students when discussing dress code in announcements, emails or the classroom. For example, a superintendent at recently called dress code violators “skanks.” In a North Dakota school that banned yoga pants, clips of the movie “Pretty Woman,” which stars Julia Roberts as a Hollywood streetwalker, were shown in school, and female students were compared to prostitutes.

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To keep up with the more relaxed, casual clothing trends, dress codes have evolved over the years. School administrators are no longer concerned about whether pants are pressed. They just want boys wearing their trousers around their waists, not their ankles. T-shirts were once forbidden, but now they’re daily attire—although most schools have rules addressing inappropriate logos. For example, a teen at a high school in New York was asked to not wear a T-shirt featuring a giant mug of frothy beer.