The Roman Catholic Church is ruled by the Pope in Vatican City, Rome

Whatever the reason, the Catholic Church saw witches, or those accused of being witches, as sinful.

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In order toprevent Catholics from deceiving themselves and arguing that the Church’s twothousand year condemnation of abortion is only an opinion and not a doctrinal teaching ofthe faith, Pope John Paul II formally defined the condemnation of abortion in :

The Catholic Church have acquired this power through strategic control on the mind of its follower.

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There is no condemnation of the internet by this church body; rather the Vatican, official voice of the Catholic Church, maintains that the internet is "not a threat"(Church).

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These are the teachings of the CatholicChurch which we ought to believe because she is the “pillar and foundation of truth(1 Timothy ).”St. Paul has warned usthat, “the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine but, followingtheir own desires and insatiable curiosity, will accumulate teachers and will stoplistening to the truth and will be diverted to myths (2 Timothy 4:3-4).” Heed thewords of the Church! And may no one plead ignorance before God.

Such is the fault of the largest religious organization on Earth: The Roman Catholic Church.

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We can scarcely imagine the countless, insidious ramifications of our inferiority complex. One example is the church’s wholesale copying of the 19th-century German model of the research university (which was probably never useful, but is now more harmful than ever), and in its wake the transformation of Catholic theology into an academic discipline modeled on the social sciences. This is cargo cult superstition, aping the external attributes of secular scientific disciplines and hoping to achieve thereby a similar level of respectability. But theology is spiritual and practical as well as theoretical. The church fathers were almost all pastors; the Scholastics were bound by monastic rules to spend as much time in prayer as in study. In an unspoken way, theology has come to be identified with the academy, and in the process has become a sort of gnosticism, radically disconnecting the mind from the world, making theology the province of an elect few who are able to memorize and recite arcane formulas. The intellectual and spiritual damage that this particular instance of our inferiority complex has wrought is massive.

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The Catholic Church today is profoundly anti-scientific, not in the sense that Catholic theology opposes the scientific method in any way, but in the more profound sense of a refusal to take reality—creation—as a teacher, and to address problems through trial and error rather than abstract speculation. We have become practical Cartesians, who prefer to live inside their own heads rather than receive the gift of creation and respond to it as image-bearers of God—with creativity in the service of world-healing and powered by the logos.

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Catholics debate endlessly about how the church should “respond” to modernity. Some think we should change or adapt doctrines; others think we should just change the way we present them. Nobody gives a thought to the idea of beating the moderns at their own game. As Rodney Stark points out, pagans converted to Christianity en masse because it offered meaningful, tangible change to their quality of life and circumstances. This is not cheating; it is the church’s job. If we are beaten in the battle for world-healing, we should not be the least bit surprised we are being beaten in the battle for souls.

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While churches, and other facilities which care for children, have had their experience of this problem, most attention has been brought to the abuse in the Catholic Church.