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Adlerian Theory and Models of Counseling Essay

The Adlerian theory assumes that both the conscious and unconscious work for the benefit of the individual. They are used in furthering the goals of man. The theory assumes that not all that is known by man is understood by him. The theory suggests that all that which is not understood by man is the unconscious. Another basic assumption of the theory is that the individual must be looked at from the cognitive perspective in order to be fully understood. This implies understanding the make up and influence of the brain to man’s behavior. This also includes understanding the convictions of an individual. The convictions will influence an individual’s interpretations of events and his ability to control them. Convictions can be defined as those conclusions that are drawn from an individual’s comprehension and are usually biased. The theory also suggests that an individual’s lifestyle should also be looked at in relation to his cognitive development. An individual’s life style is perceived to be the medium through which they look at themselves concerning their convictions about life.

From this minimal overview of Adlerian theory, we can begin to elaborate and explore the intricacies of individual psychology.

Adlerian Psychotherapy: an Overview of Theory and Practice

Adlerians believe that the most important life problems are social and therefore, the individual must be considered within the social context (Daniels, 1998).

A principle of Adlerian family therapy is subjective, each person generates their own meaning from their experiences....

The two therapies are similar because both theorists believed that the most important personalities and characteristics of people are developed within the first six years of their lives. Freud believed that humanity is driven by instinctual forces while Adler concluded that that people are capable of making conscious decisions. Both theorists had a comparable even if it was not identical belief concerning effects of environmental forces, for example, the biological and environmental conditions in the creation of limitations concerning the human beings capacity to make choices and be creative (Corey, 2013).

Concept of the Person Adlerian Psychotherapy employs a holistic approach to understanding the individual.

Origin Of The Adlerian Theory Psychology Essay

A major goal of the Adlerian theory is to scrutinize the goals and premises of the client. This scrutiny is done with the sole purpose of challenging the foundations of the client. The case of Margarita shows that she needs to build her self-image. The client says she experiences social awkwardness. There is a need for Margarita to develop a positive view of herself. The client also admits that though she experiences feelings of depression, she puts on a façade that allows her take up the roles that society expects her to. These roles are those of being a mother, wife, student and professional.

The Case of Sally with Adlerian Therapy Essay 2653 Words | 11 Pages

Four phases occur in the application of the Adrenaline theory. The first phase is that of establishing a relationship between the client and the counselor. This relationship will help in coming up with the goals for the intervention. The relationship is built by the counselor and client working together. They then set the goals that are to be achieved. The counselor will be able to identify the kinds of techniques that will suit the client best. In this phase, the techniques used are those of listening empathetically and moving with the client through each expression of issues. In this particular phase, the counselor gets to clarify the goals to the client and making a few suggestions on the ways of handling the client’s problem.

Adlerian Psychotherapy: an Overview of Theory and …

Margarita has come to seek help for her depression, social awkwardness and emotional outbursts. She also has concerns over her aggression and anger. The counseling theory that will be applied by the counselor is the Adlerian theory. This paper will show the application of the theory to her case. An analysis of various cultural considerations brought by the choice of theory and the limitations that the Adlerian theory shows on Margarita will also be examined.

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