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The Migration and Culture class field trip to Nogales Mexico was an educational trip.

The Great Migration is a term used in the U.S.

Illegal immigration is one big problem that is widespread these days. Immigration actually means to move to other country for the purpose of job, permanent settlement or both. Illegal immigration comes into practice when people do not follow the guidelines required before and during the immigration process.

This can almost resemble the earlier migration paths of the African-Americans.

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Either way no matter what type of migration it is (T.I.E.), the driving energy behind these patterns can be attributed to the rich, tuxedo wearing corporations of greed and power.

with this article from the Migration Information Source.5.

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Different countries have different norms and conditions for allowing immigration. Some asks for disclosing assets, others may ask for the relative living in the country. Thus immigration requires a set of paper work and recognition by the government agencies of the country involved in the process. Thus inability to fulfill all the norms and conditions, paper work and disclosures results in Illegal immigration.

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In conclusion, the people need to understand the value of fair methods and means required to get legal immigration status. They should be made aware of the problems that may arise due to illegal immigration. The government of the poor countries should help people get knowledge of immigration and its requirement to its common people and along with that catch hold of dubious agents who make people suffer later on. Thus a proper department with a number of outlet offices in various cities can help people get right knowledge of immigration and avoid chances of becoming illegal migrants.

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Mostly, people migrate from undeveloped countries to democratic and economically developed countries such as United States of America, Canada, France, Italy, Germany etc searching for stability and freedom; and it is not a secret to anybody that immigrants significantly affect economies of the countries they abandon and move to. United States of America is the most attractive country for immigrants (that is why it is called a nation of immigrants also) and thus its economy is exposed to immigrants’ effects more than that of other countries.

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Dr.’s Camarota research states that the percentage of immigrants without a high school diploma is 30 percent, more than three times the rate of natives (Center for Immigration Studies. Dr. Steven A. Camarota. “Immigrants in the United States – 2000. A Snapshot of America’s Foreign-Born Population”).