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Very soon after the demise of the Canadian Masonic Research Association, the first research lodge in Ontario was formed. The Heritage Lodge, No. 730, was instituted on September 21, 1977, with V. W. Bro. (as he was then) Jacob Pos as the Master, and has been doing productive work ever since. Its main activity has been in the presentation of research papers at its regular meetings; more than eighty of these have appeared in the Annual Proceedings over the years. But as well it has engaged in a number of cognate projects: restoring the old Lodge Building in Black Creek Pioneer Village, near Toronto, and organizing a team of Masonic volunteers to serve as guides and interpreters; holding the annual Heritage Lodge Banquet; assisting in the restoration of noteworthy old Masonic gravestones (such as the William Mercer Wilson Monument at Simcoe, and "The Unknown Brother" at Jordan Station); and many others. Altogether, a record to be proud of! On the Internet, the Heritage Lodge has an excellent website at

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The Paul R. Kach Essay Competition is sponsored by The Supreme Council 33 degree Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America. Regional winners receive $300 and national winners receive $1,200.

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If you are working on a general Masonic subject it might be well to start in one of the Masonic Encyclopedias (Mackey or Coil), or the Encyclopedia Britannica, or Hastings En-cyclopedia of Religion and Ethics. In cases of papers on biographies you might want to start with the Dictionary Of American Biography and then go to William R. Denslow's 10,000 Famous Freemasons. Possibly Who's Who.

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George Briggs, after reading this essay, which I submitted to him, tells me that "his general outline, remarks, and comments, are fairly true." Paine’s intimacy in Paris with Nicolas de Bonneville and Charles Frangois Dupuis, whose writings are replete with masonic speculations, sufficiently explain his interest in the subject.

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The Iberian Center for Masonic Studies (CIEM) calls all Spanish, Portuguese, English and French speaking masons to participate in the First International Competition of Masonic Essay, which will take place in 2013.

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The Antipodes. With regard to research lodges in Australia and New Zealand, one should consult Tony Pope's paper, "On Australasian Lodges of Research," in Masonic Challenges: The Transactions of the (Melbourne) Lodge of Research, No. 218, for 1991. The first real research lodge down under, St. Alban, No. 38, in Adelaide, South Australia, was founded in December, 1889. It continues to thrive., but has not acted as a research lodge for fifty years. The oldest such body that has functioned continuously in that capacity is the Lodge of Research, No. 218, in Melbourne, Victoria, which was formed in 1911. In New Zealand apparently the oldest one is the Masters and Past Masters Lodge, No. 130, in Christchurch, which was warranted in 1902. There are over twenty research lodges in Australia and New Zealand that are still active. And that, to an outsider, seems like a very creditable number.

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2. GATHER ALL THE FACTS. The second step is to gather all the available facts that will be incorporated in your paper. This may mean starting in a library, checking original records, interviewing persons with first-hand information, or a combination of these things. Don't expect others to do this work for you. We know of one instance where one of our Illinois members thought it would be nice to have the names of every Mason buried in Arlington National Cemetery. He wrote the Cemetery and requested such a list and he was surprised when he was informed that they had no way of knowing if a person buried in the Cemetery belonged to any specifie'd group.