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Example: Discuss the role of women in society in the early part of the twentieth century.

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Dear Liz,
I read on Pauilin Cullen’s website (the author of vocabulary for IELTS books) that if a candidates wants to be awarded a higher band score in an agree/disagree essay, he should write about both sides of the argument _ just like a discussion essay_ .
I read somewhere else that writing a counterargument and refuting it is also a good option for getting a higher band score for an agree or disagree essay.
I would be really thankful if you comment on these two points and approaches.

For example, Labov and Labov studied their daughter Jessie’s acquisition of inversion in WH-question: Adults' rule of inversion: What do you want?

- Use the rest of your essay to discuss these points in more detail

It is the wrong approach. If you wish to give an opinion of both, you must quantify it. Here’s an example “I think that parents are the best teachers for very young children under the age of five but from that age, teachers are better to educate them”. This is an acceptable opinion for IELTS. You MUST avoid changing the essay question into a discussion essay with equal weight on both sides.
All the best

Example: Assess / Evaluate the impact of international trade agreements on labour rights in the Third World.

These key words require the student to compare and contrast different points of view in a critical way, and this means giving a well-argued opinion on the merits or faults of the topic under discussion.

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Go to the library and look at some past exam papers in your own subject area. Examine the essay titles or questions that they contain and make a note of the typical key words that they include. List the key words with their meanings and refer to this list if necessary when writing essays as part of your course work.

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Task Response is 25% of your marks. This relates not only to relevant, well developed ideas but also to addressing the task (following instructions). If the instructions only ask for your opinion and half of your essay is about other people’s views, then part of your essay is irrelevant. IELTS essays are short (no more than 300 words usually) and also highly focused. They are so focused that every single sentence should be planned. See my advanced writing task 2 lessons – I’ll be offering a discount starting tomorrow.

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These key words demand that the student suggests their own reasons to explain a particular happening/circumstance. Although this kind of essay requires the student to demonstrate their own opinions, all such opinions should be supported by logical, reasoned examples.

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The keyword 'discuss' is extremely common in academic essay titles. It requires a student to compare different points of view on the topic, and also to evaluate these points of view, giving a well-argued opinion.

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For example, as Broca’s area (Broca's area of the brain - a small patch of the cerebral cortex; adjacent to the part of the motor-control strip dedicated to the jaws, lip, and tongue; seems to be implicated in grammatical processing in general) develops, the region in the brain for language production, children develop speech and grammar.