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or reflection about a concrete detail in an essay

Even after the children have been victimized by a dangerous intruder, Rex and Rose Mary prioritize the importance of being fearless over protecting their children from future attacks.

Thesis Statement
: Rex and Rose Mary Walls are unfit parents because they are selfish, they put their children's lives in danger, and they neglect their children.
TS #1: Rex and Rose Mary are selfish.

TS #2: The children's lives are put in danger due to the parents' lifestyle choices.

TS #3: Rex and Rose Mary neglect their children.
You MUST introduce a quote; you should never put a quote in your essay without introducing it.

There are several ways to introduce a quote.

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Seventh grade Lesson Concrete Evidence and Commentary

There’s nothing wrong with abstractions. Abstractions provide some of the richestknowledge and insight available and offer chances to solve difficult problems. Andprecisely because of their great value, they should be combined with concrete details toensure their effective communication.

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In the same wayrules, 5, 6 and 7 form a group, followed by 8, which is a comment by the Chohan– and so on far into the book. These groups of three are not put so by merecoincidence, but intentionally. If we examine them we shall find that there isa certain bond between the three in each case. For example, the three rules groupedtogether above point to purity of heart and steadiness of spirit. One may saythat they indicate what the man must do with himself, what is his duty to himselfin the way of preparation for work.

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