Mediterranean cosine is one of the most in demand in Saudi Arabia....

719 words Saudi Arabia government allocated a main concern for health care.

Under Saudi Arabian law, serious crimes merit serious consequences.

Steep slopes are out. A cable that traverses a steep slope will always want to slide down it sideways, secretly rendering every nautical chart in the world obsolete while imposing unknown stresses on the cable. This and other constraints may throw an impassable barrier across the proposed route of the cable. When this happens, the survey ship has to backtrack, move sideways, and survey other corridors parallel and adjacent to the first one, gradually building a map of a broader area, until a way around the obstruction is found. The proposed route is redrafted, and the survey ship proceeds.

It is the birth place of the Islamic religion, which is Saudi Arabia’s main religion.

In terms of energy it is characterized by a diverse scheme.

The main reason that writers of tourist guidebooks are so cheesed off at Alexandria is that no vestige of the first library remains - not even a plaque stating "The Library of Alexandria was here." If you want to visit the site, you have to do a bit of straightforward detective work. Ancient Alexandria was laid out on a neat, regular grid pattern - just the kind of thing you would expect of a place populated by people like Euclid. The main east-west street was called the Canopic Way, and the main north-south street, running from the waterfront toward the Sahara Desert, was called the Street of the Soma. The library is thought to have stood just south of their intersection.

Although Saudi Arabia has a great economy they have very many conflicts within the county....

This problem is being remedied by FLAG, which has struck a deal with ARENTO (Arab Republic of Egypt National Telecommunications Organization - the PTT) that is roughly analogous to the one it made with the Communications Authority of Thailand. FLAG has no choice but to go overland across Egypt, just as in Thailand. The reasons for doing so here are entirely different, though.

There are two common characteristics of a negotiation or bargaining situation.

The Cases of Saudi Arabia and Egypt

It is bounded by the Arabian Gulf, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates to the East; Yemen and Oman on the South; Red Sea and Gulf of Al-Aqaba to the West; and Jordan, Iraq, and Kuwait to the North.

Saudi Arabia is home to approximately 27 million people (U.S.

Although in Saudi Arabia, the accounting principle and structures were primarily constructed from Western countries, the new accounting system has been reformed to adapt the unique Saudi Arabian environment.

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This paper will analyze how the three main factors-economy environment, taxation policies and foreign accounting standards and principles affect accounting systems in Saudi Arabia....

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Saudi Arabia exemplifies the moral and gender-specific Islamic prohibitions through their lack of law “addressing violence against women” (Alsaleh 2012:125), noting that violent crimes against women are rarely reported for fear of reprisal, and discussing them publically is prohibited....