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My amazing adventures in Malaysia on behalf of Project Trust!

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The difference between a good nasi lemak and an exceptionally marvelous nasi lemak lies in the use of pandan leaves/screwpine leaves. Possessing highly fragrant floral smell, these leaves are used abundantly in Malaysian cuisine to infuse rice dishes or desserts with the signature aroma; a nasi lemak will not be a true nasi lemak without their presence. The other main ingredient of nasi lemak is dried anchovies, or known locally by ikan bilis. These little salted fish are used in the sambal.

Essay about nasi lemak

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As sambal is of the essence when making nasi lemak, I was extremely zealous when preparing it. I shun away from electrical appliances. Nasi lemak deserves better, it deserves to be prepared the traditional way, that is, with mortar and pestle.

Often called pandanus palms, these plants are not closely related to palm trees

In September 2010 I resigned from my work for doing full-time business with my partner. All family member include my wife were not agree with it. Almost all Bruneian prefer working with goverment because they believe, Brunei is not place for business and market is too small and limited (Resign from government and do full time business is consider suicide but ok for part time eg work at day time and sell Nasi Lemak at night…no time to rest). But I want to take this challenge because I saw there were also big and success companies. but all of my family and my friends advised me “” Ashdi, if U want to resign, U must think thousand times, if you work with government you have secure income eg salary every month, bonus every years and travel allowance every three years, what is not enough for U? But business is up and down”’. Even my father asking me to go out and not to stay in his house if I resign. But I believe myself that I can do it.

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