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Everyone knows that Mother's Day is all about brunch

Thank you for speaking to a crux– a hinge, to borrow your metaphor– on which Motherhood hangs. I found having a child lasered my relationship to time– that is, made me pristinely aware of what it was, and how I was using or abusing it, or it was using and abusing me. I believe motherhood opens up your relationship to time and duty existentially AND practically.

Thank you for this. Yes, “The conflict is between the selfishness of the artist and the selflessness of a mother.” I am living this everyday.

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Beautifully written and powerful essay, thank you. As the mother of an 11- and 7-year-old, I’ve found more personal/writing time as my kids have gotten older; older kids generally need less constant attention, and by age 10/11, often prefer to be with friends. (This of course may not be true for many special needs children.) They still need their parents a whole lot, but it isn’t the overwhelming, suffocating kind of need I felt when they were newborn/toddlers. But in my experience, it does not get easier to “do what we want.” This essay reminded me to keep asking what I want (do men ever question this?), and that I deserve help (from my partner, etc.) to get it.

Write ten things about your family (plus one thing you would like to change). Mother's Day books to Print:

I’m an unusual advocate for Mother’s Day, I know. Single, beyond child-bearing years, not a mother. But isn’t that God’s pattern? Take the second brother, the barren woman, or the forgotten shepherd and use them. God’s system can be a bit upside down. All I can say is, we tapped into something.

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Having only 1 child myself, who is now twelve, it’s easy for me to look back at age three on as a slow march toward freedom. Preschool, full day, playdates that last longer than two hours, playdates where you can LEAVE, summer vacations full of camp drop offs as opposed to schedule-imploding snack/swim/play with me! days. The glory of not having to get in the pool anymore, followed dropping them off (!!) at the pool. It comes. It really does. I promise. Until then, take notes. As Nora Ephron’s mother was famous for saying: Everything is copy.

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Hi Amy,
Thank you for your Mothers Day prayers/ reflections. Both are very moving. It’s Mothers Day in UK on Sunday. I’m leading the morning services in our church and would like to use them, with acknowledgement, in the services( have to choose which yet!). Can I use them and make copies if people ask for them?
God bless you richly,
PS Messy,but wonderful, is the way I always describe our congregation! I think God smiles at messiness!

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Dee, I think you might be adding layers of malice to her husband’s behavior. In the metropolitan area where I live, sadly, it is quite common for a working person to leave home at 5am for a 2 hour commute, work a full day in early career (as her husband is), and commute home 2 hours. I think Rufi’s questions about the possibility that it’s subversive to believe that the selflessness required to be a good mother (by which I don’t think she means picking up underwear) and the selfishness required to be a good, or even productive, artist can coexist.

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Thank you for this. The demands of motherhood are made so much greater by convention and the expectations of others. “Do what you want” is more than a day-to-day exhortation; it’s a way of life. It is the artist’s job to question, so why not question everything – when and how and why and whether she really ought to do the things that other people (non-artists, non-writers, non monsters mostly) decided are required of mothers, adults, artists, Americans, humans? It seems to me that one of the most unsafe things we can do is pour into our children the idea that they ought not question or disturb.

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The years that followed only reinforced my decision. It turns out that my mother has been diagnosed as a borderline personality with manic depression when I was 26 years old. I grapple with her unpredictable and destructive behaviour to this day. I am going to be sixty years of age this year.