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I read this on the same childhood bed beneath the same childhood fan that had always, with the power of negative thinking, threatened to spin off. Sure, mononucleosis is caused by the Epstein-Barr Virus, a physical thing about 150 nanometers in diameter and composed of a double-stranded DNA that contains 85 genes. But according to Hay and co., if you have mono, you don’t just have the existence of the virus in your body. You have certain emotional and mental states that allow the virus to thrive.

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What an incredibly beautiful, important essay. One I needed tremendously and sent to my husband immediately. While our stories are very different, we overlap in so many areas. I have no doubt I will reread this piece many times throughout my life. Bravo.

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In a sense, perhaps more in reading the comments than the article, I come to the same conclusion that (I believe it was) a certain Australian did already about 20 years back: There is no greater proof of Jews specialness than the grand worldwide theater of the absurd, the huge efforts spent across the planet in words and actions, to try to prove that the Jews are not special at all and have no reason to believe that they have any sort of historical mission. [Such efforts might have been more practically spent convincing the German people of such concerning themselves prior to WWI & II, wouldn’t you think?]

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I’m pretty sure that people hate Jews for no reason at all and that Jewish behavior has absolutely nothing to do with anti-Antisemitism. People are always criticizing Jews for creating Communism and promoting it in the countries where they have control of the political system, finance and the media.
The best thing to do is call them anti-Semitic and then use the media to destroy their reputation. Also, it’s important to keep producing new movies about the Holocaust and reminding everyone how evil White people are while inflaming racial hatred toward them by fabricating stories of racism in the news as well as producing movies like Django Unchained and Twelve years a slave which are producing good results as we are seeing a lot more black on White murders and violent attacks of innocent White people. It’s also beneficial to promote the idea that blacks are superior to White people in television ads and the movies. This will surely encourage more White women to interbreed with blacks. Of course the number one thing that will deliver Western nations to the cause is to promote mass immigration of non-Whites into all White societies.
While Jews haven’t been able to quite destroy free speech in America like they have in Europe, Canada and Australia, they can still use their control over the media to defame anyone who objects to their displacement through demographic genocide. Thanks Jews.

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The thoughts you expressed in this incredible essay brought back to my memory a devastating conversation I had with a dear friend who had just learned her cancer had spread, and who had also just read The Secret. She turned to me and asked, with desperation in her voice and eyes, “What did I do to attract this?” She was the most gentle, loving and caring woman I’ve ever known, and I was furious that a stupid, stupid book could add guilt to what this lovely woman was already suffering. I still am. It’s not right. I’m glad you know that. Peace to you and yours.

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I had to go back and reread the whole piece to see if I missed something. I don’t think I did. I absolutely agree that no woman is obliged to reproduce, ever, but your level of hostility confuses me. I don’t feel the author has written about how hard her life is, but about how life itself is hard, Accepting that things can happen to anyone at any time, for no reason at all was my take on this. It’s neither pro or anti choice. It’s just the story of this family.