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)George Washington (1732-1799) was the first President of the United States of America.

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The book has pages on when his early life, the French & Indian War, the Revolutionary War, the Constitutional Convention, Washington's Presidency, and his legacy.Monuments and Tributes to George Washington:

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The Jones biography, succinct and clear, incorporates current scholarship. Morgan’s book combines a brilliant essay on Washington’s use of power with key documents. Higgenbotham has collected articles that include diverse approaches to Washington and exemplify the best in contemporary scholarship. In addition to material provided in a book of readings handed out during the Institute, we will look at a variety of other stimulating materials: biographies, primary sources, videos, and articles.

George Washington Carver died on January 5, 1943 on the campus of Tuskegee Institute.

I am very pleased that you are contemplating coming to Boston to study George Washington. The resurgence of interest in the founding fathers, in biography, and in the connection between personal and public life makes this an ideal time to reassess Washington, to analyze his legacy, and to think about how in an egalitarian, multicultural society we can make an eighteenth-century soldier and aristocrat relevant.

George Washington: A Biography (Baton Rouge, LA: Louisiana State University Press, 1984).

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George Washington became the “Father of his country” despite having lost his own father at an early age. In 1743, when George was eleven years old, Augustine Washington died and left the bulk of his estate to George’s half-brothers. Lawrence inherited Little Hunting Creek plantation (which he later renamed Mount Vernon in honor of Admiral Edward Vernon under whom he had served in the War of Jenkins’ Ear), and Augustine, Jr., inherited the Westmoreland County plantation where George was born. George himself inherited the more modest Rappahannock River plantation where he lived with his mother and siblings, but this was not enough to maintain his middling status in the Virginia gentry. His half-brother Lawrence suggested that George enter on a career in the British navy, but George’s mother rejected the proposal. Instead, he was trained as a land surveyor, a profession of considerable importance in Virginia, where colonial settlement was pushing rapidly into the Shenandoah Valley and other parts of western Virginia.

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We are fortunate to have with us for the full three weeks Frank Grizzard, formerly the Senior Associate Editor of the Papers of George Washington, a multiple-volume project based at the University of Virginia. In addition to his editing work, Frank has spoken to many groups all over America and is the author of George Washington: A Biographical Companion.

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In the third week, we will focus on Washington’s public career and legacy. Our guest speaker for the third week will be Karal Ann Marling, author of George Washington Slept Here, and numerous other books on Ameican history. Professor Marling has taught Art History and American Studies at the University of Minnesota. She will speak on “George Washington and Memory,” or “How the Colonial Revivals of the 19th and 20th centuries reshaped the character of our first President.” During the third week, we will also take a field trip to Bunker Hill and Dorchester Heights.

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Peter Wright will serve as Master Teacher for the Institute. Wright teaches Advanced Placement United States History, Advanced Placement American Government and Politics, and Psychology at Malden Catholic High School in Malden, Massachusetts, where he is also a member of the school’s Guidance and College Placement staff and a mentor for new teachers. A past participant in the 2005 NEH Institute on George Washington, and Project Director for the 2006 and 2008 Institutes on Thomas Jefferson, Wright will work with participants in preparing their curriculum units and final papers, lead some of the small group discussions, and guide teachers to resources and strategies to take back to their classrooms.