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The poet does so as a ‘sayer’ and a ‘namer’, rather than a maker or creator of novel material.

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But long before this he had become apprenticed to the learning of nature in preference to that of man: when only twelve years of age he had made collections for Agassiz, who had then just arrived in America, and already the meadows and the hedges and the stream-sides had become cabinets of rare knowledge to him.

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It is not so pertinent to man to know all the individuals of the animal kingdom, as it is to know whence and whereto is this tyrannizing unity in his constitution, which evermore separates and classifies things, endeavoring to reduce the most diverse to one form.

His weakness as a writer is the too frequent striving after antithesis and paradox.

Emerson emphasized the role and cultivation of the individual, whom he believed should avoid conformity and false consistency (i.e., consistency with our past actions and beliefs if they no longer fit the needs or desires of the present), and...

Self Reliance and Other Essays E-Text contains the full text of Self Reliance and Other Essays

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Unfortunately, Emerson laments, no great American poet has yet arisen. “We have yet had no genius in America, with tyrannous eye, which knew the value of our incomparable materials, and saw, in the barbarism and materialism of the times, another carnival of the same gods whose picture he so much admires in Homer.” Walt Whitman heard, and would eventually answer, his call.

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Rather than end his essay with a call for national poetry, Emerson emphasizes poetry as process. He writes, “Art is the path of the creator to his work.”

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It put our energies to sleep and made visionaries of us—dreamers and indolent.…It is good to begin life poor; it is good to begin life rich—these are wholesome; but to begin it prospectively rich! The man who has not experienced it cannot imagine the curse of it.

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Birds came at his call, and forgot their hereditary fear of man; beasts lipped and caressed him; the very fish in lake and stream would glide, unfearful, between his hands.

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He became one of the famous circle of the transcendentalists, always keenly preserving his own individuality amongst such more or less potent natures as Emerson, and .

Emerson served as Class Poet; ..

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