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Memories are brought back through music as well. It is a gate way to ones emotions and can pull from a memory in the song. The memories are brought back from a mood, whether is it one that motivates you like exercising, or makes you happy, reduces your stress, etc. “Music-triggered memories begin in the medial pre-frontal cortex, a part of the brain which sits just behind our foreheads. It is responsible for tracking chord and key changes” (Madden). Familiar music, memories and emotions are all linked through the medial pre-frontal cortex and this is where you have the recollection. Scientist studies have shown that when they play a tune from the test subject’s childhood that they may or may not know they responded quickly when they had a memory attached to the memory. The reaction was from the music signatures and timescales, but also reacted when a tune was autobiographically relevant, or in other words something that relates to them very personally.

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From this we can derive the fact that children are more likely to be exposed to violent material in the media if they are not supervised properly and are not guided properly. Many researches have contributed to this as realizations have been made that prolonged exposure to violence and anti-social behavior in the media to children causes them to be more involved in the use of alcohol and drugs (Evans, 1987; McBee, 1982), and cheat more in school, (Greene, 1992; Greene & Saxe, 1991; McBee, 1982). Even though it has been said that there is a very positive relationship between violence in a person and violence that he/she has been exposed to in the media (Freedman, 1984; 1986), there are many other factors that also have to be considered when viewing the exact effect of violence in media on a child or a person. Although almost everyone would agree that children who view violence in media might turn out to be violent in their real lives, this cannot be the only factor that must be considered when drawing such a conclusion.

would be extremely beneficial to produce shows similar to Sesame Street and in partnership with its production staff so there is more than

Sesame Workshop is the nonprofit organization behind Sesame Street, the pioneering television show that has been helping kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder since 1969. Today Sesame Workshop is a global educational force for change, with a mission to reach the world’s most vulnerable children. We’re in more than 150 countries, serving kids through a wide range of media and philanthropically-funded social impact programs, all grounded in rigorous research and individually tailored to the needs and cultures of the communities we serve. Sesame is a beloved household name in dozens of languages, and it means learning – and fun – in all of them. For more information, please visit .

these educational episodes would be nothing but beneficial for children preparing for school. Although Sesame Street does a very good job at

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Concerning the presence of noise in the home, Callahan (2007) believes that “the enchantment of the Noise begins before children even learn to walk or talk. Their role as passive viewers increases the prospect of becoming imitators rather than original, inventive, and inspired doers and actors” (p. 252-253). Her greatest concern however, is that young children become imitators of role models that live in direct contrast to biblical values.

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The effect of foreground video and television is not the only concern of researchers. Background television has recently become a strong consideration as well. This type of exposure usually takes place when caregivers watch television while young children are in the room. This type of programming consists of “adult content that is largely incomprehensible to a very young child and to which they ordinarily pay little cumulative attention” (Schmidt, Pempek, Kirkorian, Frankenfield-Lund, & Anderson, 2008, p. 1137). Anderson and Pempek (2005) reveal that when television is playing in the background it affects the intensity of play and diminishes the amount of parent-child interaction.

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4. Bettelheim B. (1975). The uses of enchantment. The meaning and importance of fairy tales (pp. 41 - 42). New York: Vintage Books, Random House.

Sesame Street And The Death Of Reading Essay Examples

Concerns about the effects of television on attention first arose in the 1970’s after the release of Sesame Street (Courage & Setliff, 2009). Since then, researchers have found that television, which is highly stimulating, reduces attention, reading ability, and levels of concentration (Courage & Setliff, 2009). However, most of these studies involve older children. Recently the interest in studying very young children increased and studies began to emerge (Christakis, Zimmerman, DiGiuseppe & McCarty, 2004).