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essay on effects of students playing computer games;

To prove that my idea was right, I chose this topic.
Thesis statement
Although, some people say that playing video games and computer games have a lot of negative effects on people, people should play video games and computer games as much as they study.


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Everybody loves playing video game right from a kid to an adult. It is the favorite past time and consists of interesting applications. With the increase in processing power, the modern day games have become more advanced and are laden with graphics. The introduction of high powered devices such as Play Station and Xbox has revolutionized the gaming concept and helped it to become more popular. Well, the video games seem to be highly advantageous but they have certain drawback too. Let’s pause and analyze the issue in detail.

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lol ikr, if they looked at games like Homeworld, age of empires, league of legends, or even things like god forbid, minecraft they would see how creative people can be. Im currently writing a paper on the effects of games on people (note that i clock in over 50 hours a week on games) and literly all the negative ones are on violent games, which is not the focus of my paper because they are generally bias and of course ones like COD encourage violence, all they are is shoot at people kill em games, which i find boring as a RTS player

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