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So, to sum it up, by wearing uniforms, students appear to belong to a single community, they require less time to spend on deciding what to wear and it prevents wrong conduct, thus inculcating a sense of discipline in them.

Willy Russel’s classic play Educating Rita comes to the Liverpool Playhouse – we found out if it still has bite all these years later.

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I don’t want to use any medium as a platform for displaying the smallness and hopelessness of man.” Willy Russell wrote Educating Rita as a comedy, he wanted to write a funny play to be watched and not to be studied....

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This is clearly demonstrated in the play Educating Rita, by Willy Russell, where Rita's growth and change comes about with her education and experiences in her social and working-class life.

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That’s what Denny’s frightened of.”

Rita told Denny she was off the pill, when he discovered the truth
Denny took his anger out on Rita’s education by burning her books and

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She realises her life has no direction so she started her course
at the Open University “…that’s the point when y’ have to decide
whether its gonna be another change of dress or a change in yourself.”

As the play develops the audience begins to understand and sympathise
with Rita’s struggle to educate herself.

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Who would dare to step into Julie Walters shoes? Leanne Best, that’s who: in Educating Rita at the Liverpool Playhouse this week, Best is taking up one of Walters’ most loved roles, made famous through the West End and in the BAFTA-winning 1983 film with Michael Caine.

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"Educating Rita" was written in 1985 by Willy Russell, it looks at how the relationship between two people, Rita and Frank, develops as the play goes on.

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Russell wrote Educating Rita in 1979 and the play has been said to be semi-autobiographical (i.e. partly based on Russell’s own life), as, like the character of Rita in the play, Russell also came from a working class background and felt the need to further his education as a ‘mature student’.

communicate and feel the sense of belonging to the new class

'Educating Rita': A play written by Willy Russell in the eighties and 'Pygmalion': A play written by Bernard Shaw in 1914 both effectively explore significant social issues and relate to significant themes.